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10 groups of people need vitamin supplementation especially

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Multivitamins are tablets that contain a variety of vitamins and minerals. Many people think that as long as their diet is reasonable enough, there is no need to supplement multivitamins. But in fact, it is very difficult for a person to ensure that he can get enough vitamins through his diet every day. Because food is in the process of processing, storage, and cooking, if you are not careful, you may miss out with vitamins. Those who eat very finely will lose a lot of B vitamins; if the vegetables are over-soaked, they will lose a lot of water-soluble vitamins; if the food is stored for too long, or cooking by frying, baking, etc., may reduce the vitamin content.

Who need to supplement vitamin especially?

The following 10 groups of people over the age of 18 need special vitamin supplements:

1. People who smoke: Because smoking consumes a lot of vitamin C in the body, vitamin C should be supplemented regularly.

2. People with a large workload and a lot of exercise: such people need to supplement vitamin B group, which is an important substance for converting fat into heat.

3. People who often stay up late: the secretion of adrenaline will increase when you stay up late, and the synthesis of adrenaline also requires vitamin C, so vitamin C should be supplemented in an appropriate amount.

4. Computer people or office workers: Watching the computer screen for a long time, the eyesight and mental stress of work are different from the fatigue of physical work, and vitamin A must be supplemented in an appropriate amount.

5. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers: During pregnancy, the maternal and fetal tissues grow rapidly, the conversion of folic acid increases, and there is a lack of vitamin B6, which should be supplemented daily. However, the amount of vitamin D does not need to be increased too much, because too much vitamin D can cause too much calcium in the baby's blood.vit c with zinc price -NhSquirrel

6. Vegetarians: Long-term vegetarians are prone to lack of vitamin D and vitamin B12 because they do not eat animal food.

7. Do strenuous exercise often: Vitamin E and B groups are like spinach that Popeye would eat in the cartoon, which can make you alert, explosive and energetic.

8. People who are losing weight: After 20 minutes of exercise, fat will be used as energy, and vitamin B2 helps fat metabolism.

9. People with frequent oral inflammation: Vitamin B2 can effectively improve the lips and oral mucosa.

10. People who are prone to nervousness: Before fighting stress, be sure to add vitamin C and vitamin B groups, as well as calcium and magnesium.

Notes when taking vitamins

Vitamins can indeed play a role in enhancing human immunity, and can prevent and treat various acute and chronic infectious diseases or other diseases such as colds; at the same time, they can also improve the metabolism of fats and lipids, especially cholesterol, prevent heart disease, and reduce coronary heart disease. The risk of heart disease; can reduce the standardized mortality rate of various diseases, and the effect is more significant in men; can also effectively prolong the life of cells and bodies.

However, few people know that some foods should be avoided when taking vitamins, which is more conducive to the effective absorption of vitamins by the body.

1. When taking vitamin C, animal liver should be avoided: because vitamin C meets copper in animal liver, it will oxidize rapidly and lose its biological function.

2. When taking vitamin A, you should avoid drinking alcohol: because drinking in this way will seriously affect the visual cycle and the production function of male sperm.

3. When taking vitamin A and D, you should avoid porridge soup: because porridge soup contains lipoxygenase, which can dissolve and destroy fat-soluble vitamins, causing vitamin A and vitamin D to be lost.

4. When taking vitamin B1, you should avoid fish and clams: because clams and fish contain a thiamine substance that can destroy vitamin B1.

5. When taking vitamin B2, high-fat foods and high-fiber foods should be avoided: because high-fiber foods can increase intestinal peristalsis and speed up the passage of intestinal contents, thereby reducing the absorption rate of vitamin B2; high-fat meals Will increase the requirement of vitamin B2, thereby aggravating the lack of vitamin B2.

6. When taking vitamin B6, boron-containing foods should be avoided: because boron-containing foods will affect the absorption and utilization of vitamin B6, foods rich in boron include pumpkin, carrot, eggplant, etc.