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Best iron vitamins Q&A

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1. Can ascorbic acid tablet promote iron absorption?


After the iron is absorbed by the human body, it will be oxidized into stable ferric iron, which is not conducive to human absorption, while vitamin C is a reducing agent with antioxidant function, which can reduce ferric iron to easily absorbed ferrous iron, thereby Promote iron absorption.

At the same time, vitamin C can also form unstable complexes with iron molecules, and can release iron from other conjugates, thereby promoting the absorption of non-hemoglobin iron and increasing the body's resistance to disease.

2. Vitamin C after iron supplementation or before

Eat together at the same time.

There is no mutual contraindication to vitamin C and iron in pharmacology, and taking a little vitamin C in moderation while supplementing iron can promote the reduction of ferric iron, which is more conducive to promoting the absorption of iron. It is recommended to eat both at the same time, the effect will be better. .

However, because these two drugs are irritating to the stomach to a certain extent, it is recommended to take them between meals or after meals; and avoid taking them with milk, because the calcium ions in milk will interact with iron ions. The formation of insoluble compounds reduces the absorption of iron and reduces its efficacy.daily iron tablet for sale -NhSquirrel

3. Is it necessary to take natural vitamin C every day?

It is not necessary if the intake of fruits and vegetables is sufficient.

Vitamin C is mainly supplemented by the intake of vegetables and fruits in the usual diet. As long as the usual vegetables and fruits are eaten enough, most people will not be deficient in vitamin C. Additional vitamin C supplementation may lead to excessive vitamin C content in the body, causing nausea, vomiting, and gastrointestinal discomfort; too much vitamin C will also be converted into calcium oxalate, which may also increase the risk of developing stones.

If it is a group of people who are engaged in heavy manual labor, outdoor workers and other people who often sweat, because vitamin C may also be partially lost in the process of sweat evaporation, such people can appropriately supplement some vitamin C, but they also need to be careful not to Long-term use, in order to avoid excessive vitamin C, it is not good for the body.

4. Is one tablet of collagen vitamin C a day good?

In the absence of vitamin C deficiency, do not need to eat.

Normal people do not need additional vitamin C supplementation under the condition of normal intake of vegetables and fruits. It is recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables with high vitamin C content, such as lemons, strawberries, tomatoes, etc. Because vegetables and fruits contain not only vitamin C, but also other vitamins, carotenoids and other nutrients, which are more beneficial to human health.

If it is a group of people who may be prone to lack or need more intake of vitamin C, such as partial eclipse, alcoholism, pregnancy, etc., or reduced intake and decreased absorption due to various reasons, such as vomiting, diarrhea, etc., These groups can take vitamin C in moderation every day under the guidance of a doctor.