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Can L-carnitine lose weight safely and efficiently?

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What is L-carnitine?

L-carnitine is one kind of protein that can promote the conversion of fat into energy. It burns and decompose excess fat in the body to achieve the effect of weight loss. Taking L-carnitine can reduce body fat and weight without reducing water and muscle. In 2003, it was recognized by the International Obesity Health Organization as the safest weight-loss nutritional supplement product without side effects and no toxic side effects to the human body.

The main source of L-carnitine is beef and lamb. Different types of daily diets already contain 5-100 mg of L-carnitine. The people supplement L-carnitine into body that can make your fat burn in time, will make you healthy, slim, and have a charming figure.

Carnitine as one kind of amino acid, belongs to the quaternary ammonium cation complex. L-carnitine tartrate can promote fat conversion, accelerate the calorie consumption of the human body, has no toxic side effects to the human body and has a relatively obvious weight loss effect.

What is the principle of weight loss of L-carnitine?carnitine function- NhSquirrel

The principle of fat consumption by our muscles is to transport fat to the mitochondria in muscle cells, where it is oxidized and broken down by respiration. L-carnitine is a coenzyme that exists in our body, and its role is to transport fat to the mitochondria. Sufficient supplement of L-carnitine can promote the efficiency of fat transport and the rate of oxidative decomposition, thereby promoting the conversion of fat into energy, thus accelerating fat consumption. For us to lose weight, if you consume 10g of fat for a certain exercise, after taking L-carnitine, doing the same exercise for the same length and intensity will consume 15g of fat, increasing the efficiency and speed of exercise weight loss.

What is L-carnitine controlled release tablets?

L-carnitine 1000mg Controlled-release tablets, literally understood as the release process of L-carnitine can be controlled. Yes, we choose coating controlled-release technology to release L-carnitine 1000mg within 6 to 12 hours. That is to say that L-carnitine 1000mg Controlled-release tablets can continue to burn fat within 6 to 12 hours to achieve the effect of weight loss.

What time take L-carnitine?

Generally speaking, when taking L-carnitine, most experts recommend that consumers determine the time to take it according to their own conditions. It is best to take L-carnitine before exercise. We also know that the correct way to take L-carnitine twice a day. The experts recommend taking it once before breakfast and the other time before exercising if you can’t guarantee to exercise twice a day. This can also achieve the desired effect.

The taking time of our L-carnitine 1000mg controlled-release tablets is different from other L-carnitine products. It is designed specially for two kinds of consumer. We all know that white-collar work in the office day an day, they have almost no time to exercise every day, and only have a lot of time at work. We suggest that white-collars can take 1-2 tablets in the morning. It can release continuously for 6-12 hours during the whole day. It can burn fat 6-12 hours during the whole day after taking it. It can achieve the effect of weight loss and make sliming and sliming if consumer take it for a long time. The second consumer are fitness enthusiasts who often participate in fitness. We suggest he break 1 tablet into 2 halves firstly, take them by one time, and then start to exercise after 2-3 hours so that consumer can exercise and burn fat quickly, which will make your body slimmer.

Does L-carnitine have any side effects on the human body?

L-carnitine comes from red meat and is an ingestible ingredient in our daily diet, so it is safe.The consumer can consume 50 mg only from the diet in a day, and vegetarians consume less, so it is far from enough for people who want to lose fat quickly. By taking L-carnitine required for fat reduction, it can reduce body fat and weight without reducing water and muscle. In 2003, L-carnitine was recognized by the International Obesity Health Organization as the safest weight loss nutrition and health care without side effects.

What are the usage methods and precautions of L-carnitine?

L-carnitine is not a weight-loss drug that can lose weight when lying down, because it is used to increase the consumption and efficiency of muscle fat consumption during exercise. Therefore, the consumer must do more exercise. Taking L-carnitine and there is no exercise, the consumer can’t get slimming at all.

It needs to be take 2 to 3 hours before exercise to facilitate the absorption of L-carnitine by the digestive and absorption system and transport it to various parts of the body through the blood to maximize its effect.

What we need to remind is the L-carnitine controlled-release tablets, do not take it at night, because it will accelerate the body's metabolism, after taking it at night, it will make people become excited and cause insomnia.

Is L-carnitine an IQ tax?

Whatever the consumer and related literature searches indicate that L-carnitine is not a weight loss IQ tax product, it is a scientific, safe and effective fat-reducing supplement.

For the people who want to lie down and make oneself slimming and slimming, it is an IQ tax product indeed, because almost all sports supplements are based on exercise as a prerequisite. For people who take exercise as a way to lose weight through the correct supplement of L-carnitine, play a multiplier effect with half the effort.