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Can vitamin C effervescent tablets prevent colds?

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Relevant studies suggest that vitamin C effervescent tablets have a certain preventive effect on colds, especially the effect of adding zinc may be better. Vitamin C effervescent tablet contains 1 000 mg of high-efficiency vitamin C, which can enhance the body's resistance, used to prevent and treat various acute and chronic infectious diseases or other diseases; used for post-illness recovery, wound healing and allergic diseases adjunctive therapy for scurvy; for the prevention and treatment of scurvy.

How to take vitamin c tablets?

Vitamin C effervescent tablets should not be swallowed directly. It should be put into an appropriate amount of warm water, boiled water, mineral water or distilled water can be used. After it is completely dissolved, shake it up and take it. Water should not exceed 80 ℃, otherwise vitamin C will be destroyed. And 100 ℃ of boiling water, it will make almost all of the vitamin C ineffective. It is necessary to drink it immediately, otherwise the vitamin C dissolved in the water will also be oxidized and become invalid. It cannot be taken with tea or beverages, because the commonly used effervescent disintegrant is composed of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, and theophylline and other ingredients contained in tea will chemically react with vitamin C or disintegrant.ascorbic acid tablet price -NhSquirrel

Vitamin c supplement should be used with caution

The following conditions should be used with caution: cysteinuria, gout, hyperoxaluria, oxalate deposition, urate nephrolithiasis and other diseases. Diabetic patients in particular may interfere with blood glucose quantification due to vitamin C. In addition, patients with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency can cause hemolytic anemia; patients with hemochromatosis, sideroblastic anemia or thalassemia can cause increased iron absorption; patients with sickle cell anemia can cause hemolytic crisis ; After a large amount of long-term use of this product, it should be gradually reduced and discontinued to prevent possible lack of symptoms.

Indications for ascorbic acid tablet

Vitamin C is used for the prevention and treatment of scurvy, and can also be used for the adjuvant treatment of various acute and chronic infectious diseases and purpura. Cardiogenic shock in patients with Keshan disease can be treated with high doses of this product. For the treatment of chronic iron poisoning, vitamin C can promote the complexation of iron by deferoxamine and accelerate the excretion of iron. Effective in the treatment of idiopathic methemoglobinemia. For the treatment of liver cirrhosis, acute hepatitis and arsenic, mercury, lead, benzene and other chronic poisoning liver damage.

Side effects of taking large amounts of vitamin C tablets

It should be noted that high doses of vitamin C effervescent tablets will affect the results of diagnostic tests. For example, fecal occult blood can cause false positives; it can interfere with the automatic analysis results of serum lactate dehydrogenase and serum aminotransferase concentrations; urine sugar (copper sulfate method) and glucose (oxidase method) can cause false positives. The concentration of oxalate, urate and cysteine in urine increases, the concentration of serum bilirubin increases, and the pH value of urine decreases.

Adverse reactions

Long-term use of 2 to 3 grams a day can cause scurvy after drug withdrawal. Long-term use of large amounts of vitamin C can even cause urate, cysteine or oxalate stones. Large doses (more than 1 g per day) can cause diarrhea, red and bright skin, headache, frequent urination (more than 600 mg per day), nausea and vomiting, stomach cramps, etc.

In view of this, ordinary people should choose according to their own circumstances. If you really need to take it, you should choose a product produced by a regular pharmaceutical factory.