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How can infants and young children supplement vitamin C and iron?

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Iron is a very important nutrient for infants and young children. Iron deficiency is a common nutritional problem in childhood, especially for infants and young children. First of all, iron is inseparable from oxygen transport in the human body. Second, long-term lack of iron has certain effects on children's cognitive ability, learning ability and intellectual development. Therefore, it is very necessary to add iron-rich foods to the complementary food of young children. So which foods are rich in iron?

Foods rich in iron vitamins

1. Egg yolk

Each 100 grams of egg yolk contains 7 mg of iron, and the egg yolk has high nutritional value, which is very suitable for infants and young children.

2. Pork liver

Every 100 grams of pig liver contains 22.6 mg of iron. Pig liver is also rich in vitamin A, protein, calcium and other nutrients, and the liver paste made of pig liver is very easy to digest and absorb, which is very suitable for children to eat.

3. Beef

Every 100 grams of beef contains 2.2 mg of iron. The protein content of beef is very high, and all of them are high-quality protein. The meat puree made from beef is one of the high-quality complementary food ingredients for infants and young children.

4. Pig blood

Pig blood contains 8.7 mg of iron per 100 grams, and pig blood is very tender, which is very easy to swallow and digest for infants and young children.best iron vitamins -NhSquirrel

5. Rice noodles with iron

For children with partial eclipse or allergies to the above foods, eating high-iron rice noodles with additional iron is also a good choice. Taking a certain brand of children's rice noodles as an example, each 100 grams contains 7.2 mg of iron. For infants and young children who do not like the taste of egg yolk and pork liver, iron-containing rice noodles are one of the very high-quality sources of iron.

Foods rich in ferrous sulfate with vitamin c

In addition to foods high in iron, eat some foods rich in vitamin C, because vitamin C can greatly improve the absorption rate of iron, so that the baby can better absorb and utilize iron. Which foods rich in vitamin C are suitable for babies to eat?

1. Kiwi

Every 100 grams of kiwi fruit pulp contains 62 mg of vitamin C, and the mature kiwi fruit is soft in texture and rich in juice.

2. Broccoli

Each 100 grams of broccoli contains 51 mg of vitamin C, and the cooked broccoli can be beaten and mixed into rice cereal with a food processor, which is convenient for infants and young children to eat.

3. Potatoes

Every 100 grams of potatoes contains 27 mg of vitamin C. In addition, potatoes are also rich in starch, protein, carotene, etc. For infants and young children, the mashed potatoes made are very easy to eat and good for digestion and absorption.

4. Cherry

Every 100 grams of cherries contains 10 mg of vitamin C. Cherries are also rich in carotene, magnesium, calcium and other nutrients, which are very suitable for infants and young children.

It should be noted that when children add complementary food for the first time, they may be allergic to the newly added food. It is recommended to eat a small amount. If allergic, they should not continue to eat.