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How much Vitamin C should I take a day

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As we known Vitamin C is one kind of water-soluble Vitamin, we also call it as ascorbic acid. our body can’t produce Vitamin C at all. we ingest it from many fruits and vegetables because fruits and vegetables contain rich Vitamin C.

How much vitamin c supplement should I take a day? 

This is a good topic. Each country has its own dietary standards.

The recommended amount of The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese people is 100 mg Vitamin C.

If you intake of vitamin C is too low, it may cause scurvy, swollen gums,bleeding,and increased subcutaneous ecchymosis after a fall, prolonging and delaying the healing of wounds.

If you intake of vitamin C is too much, it may have a certain impact on the metabolism of calcium, and the risk of urinary calculi will be relatively higher. Therefore, in nutrition, there is a tolerable, maximum intake and appropriate intake, the most suitable intake of vitamin C, for normal people, the daily intake is about 100mg.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the human body. We should consume it every day. Vitamin C remains in the body for a short time and must be ingested from fruits and vegetables. Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C. The recommended intake of vitamin C is 80-100mg per day. For example, an apple with 250g or an orange with 200g contains 100mg of vitamin C, which is enough for daily needs.

According to the FDA's requirements for dietary supplements, people of different ages have different intakes of vitamin C.

Adults and children ≥ 4 years


Infants through 12 months


Children 1 through 3 years


Pregnant women & lactating women


As can be seen from the above figure, adults and children ≥ 4 years is 90mg, it is lower than Chinese standard.

Pregnant women & lactating women need more vitamin C in order to ensure the nutrition for the baby in the body. An appropriate amount of vitamin C supplementation for pregnant women can prevent congenital malformations of the fetus. The dietary vitamin C intake of pregnant women is increased from 90 mg to 120 mg per day for non-pregnant women to meet the needs of the mother and the fetus.

Whatever you are Chinese or American, If you eat enough vegetables every day, you will meet the intake of vitamin C. If you rarely eat or hate eating fruits and vegetables, so you can’t gain enough Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables so that we need take some vitamin C dietary supplements to meet our needs from the body.

The controlled-release vitamin C tablets we produced are mainly exported to the United States and Europe, and the dosage setting of the product is to meet their requirements for dietary supplements.

What’s controlled-release on dietary supplements?

Controlled-release dietary supplements use a special technology to release small amounts of the active ingredients into a person's system over a long period of time. This is also referred to as sustained release,extended release or timed release. These tend to come in tablet form and are simply made to be more potent but dissolve slowly.

Hereby we introduce that we can manufacture 11 kinds of Controlled-release dietary supplements at present, Vitamin C controlled release tablet is one kinds of dietary supplements,we can recommend 3 kinds of Vitamin C controlled release tablet.

1. Vitamin c 500 mg time release tablet

ascorbic acid tablet 500 mg uses - NhSquirrel

It is small tablets with round shape, especially for the Children over 10 year old or slimming adults who have difficulty in swallowing, its dose is 500mg for every tablet, you can take 1-2 tablets as daily nutritional supplement.It can release 12 to 24 hour in the body after swallowed,and give continuously you nutrient supply to the whole day.

2. Vitamin c 1000 mg sustained release caplets

timed release vitamin c 1000mg - NhSquirrel

For adult taking, each tablet contains the dose 1000mg,you can take 1 or 2 tablets in a day,based on coated release technology, its releasing time is 12 to 24 hour in a day, the releasing route is one stage only, most regular time release ones need 2 stages. It is gentler for the stomach, don’t feel any discomfort at all.

3. Vitamin C 1500 mg sustained release caplets

Vitamin C 1500 mg 60 tablets - NhSquirrel

Vitamin C controlled release caplet is another name, one tablet dose is 1500mg, another choice for adult.It’s the best Vitamin C supplement, you can take 1 or 2 tablets in a day,Vitamin C extended release provides 1500 mg of Vitamin C for enhanced absorption and antioxidant protection. releasing time is 12 to 24 hour by one stage only, extended release Vitamin C is gentler on the stomach, don’t feel any discomfort at all and offers ongoing support throughout the day for immune health.