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How to keep men's health and nutritional supplements?

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In modern life,men endure more and more increasing pressure from work and life,so most of men often stay up late,smoking,eat and drink wine very late at most of night.they have irregular eating and sleeping habits in their life,which can easily cause variousbest vitamins for men over 50 - NhSquirrel nutritional deficiencies if they do them and hold this bad habit for a long time.In order to keep healthy, men need to strengthen their health and nutritional supplements in daily diet.

How to use men's multivitamin caplet maintain nutrition supplement for men?

First of all,they should get supplements from diet foods,especially from vegetables and fruits.Now we can supply some foods which can make the men get supplement nutrition.

1.B Vitamins

B Vitamins are a very important nutrition for men.B Vitamins are necessary substances to maintain the body's metabolism and convert sugar,fat,and protein into energy.However,most of men are under tremendous work pressure and improper eating habits for a long time.In addition,Vitamins B are soluble in water and are easily lost.If men do not pay attention to supplement B Vitamins in their daily lives,they are likely to lack  B Vitamins.Which can causes metabolic disorders,fatigue and loss of appetite.Therefore,men need to strengthen the supplement of B Vitamins in their daily life.we suggest they should eat more foods which have rich B vitamins in it,such as cereals,beans,eggs,and the like.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also an essential nutrient for the human body,which can maintain the health of the skin and mucous membranes,and can also enhance the body's immunity.Many modern men have an unreasonable diet.They eat takeaway food for a long time and do not like to eat fruits and vegetables. This can easily lead to a lack of Vitamin C in the body.A lack of Vitamin C can easily lead to physical fatigue and gum swelling and pain.Men should eat more fruits and vegetables daily to strengthen Vitamin C supplement.


Zinc is an essential trace element for the human body and plays a very important role in the human body. Zinc can maintain the body's normal appetite and enhance the body's immunity. At present, most men often eat finely processed foods, which leads to insufficient zinc supplementation in the body. Therefore, men should appropriately increase their zinc intake in their daily lives, and they can often eat seafood,soy products, and whole grains.

4. Selenium

As one of trace elements for the body,selenium is required by the carbon black body itself have an effect on human health. It has an anti-oxidant effect, which can reduce the damage to the skin and at the same time strengthen the human body.Moreover,it has a good detoxification function, which helps to protect hydrogen. However, there are a lot of stress and fatigue for men that may occur at any time, which can easily lead to the loss of a large amount of selenium. So men need often eat more foods which have rich selenium, such as eggs,population,sea foods,etc., so you can get more selenium supplement from the foods.

The above are all nutrients that men need to supplement. In daily life, men should eat more different foods and supplement these nutrients to the body. In addition, men can also choose Squirrel Men's Multivitamin Controlled Release Tablets to strengthen nutritional supplements, it is as one of dietary supplements,the men eat foods at the same tims to take this kind of dietary supplements,Men can achieve balanced nutrition.

Our formula uses a batch of maca, vitamins and minerals that have significant effects on the male reproductive system. One tablet a day, can supplement the nutrients in the male body if men take it for a long-term time,thereby helping men with moderate erectile dysfunction and wanting to enhance sex functional men regain vitality.

We can show our formula (each tablet) as following:

Zinc gluconate 70 mg (zinc 10 mg)

Histidine 150 mg

Vitamin C 300 mg

Niacin 15 mg

B6 10 mg

Maca extract 650 mg

Squirrel Squirrel Men's Multivitamin Controlled Release Tablets are designed according to men's needs for the types and quantities of Vitamins and minerals, are nutritionally matched, and nutritional supplements are more targeted,which can be supplemented with zinc,histidine,Vitamin C,niacin,Vitamin B6 and maca,This formula is based on male nutrition.The formula we developed mainly release 12 to 24 hours based on sustained release technology to allow the body to get more continuously and fully absorb various nutrients needed by men and improve male reproductive cells.And organization can continue to improve male reproductive health.

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