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Introduction of our company-NhSquirrel!

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Our company,ShaanXi Squirrel Health Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd., are manufacturer of controlled release dietary supplements in China,we have headquarter in Vancouver,Canada,this patent and technology are all from Canada company. Our products sellsNhSquirrel company mainly in North America,Middle East and Africa markets.

Please allow me to briefly introduce the innovative and promising application of controlled release technology in dietary supplements.

The controlled release dietary supplements use a special technique that releases the medicinal ingredients and nutrients in vivo according to a predictable, therapeutically rational programmed rate to achieve the optimal levels into the body in 12-24 hours. It releases at a constant rate, which is controlled by the numerous microspores on the outer layer coating film.

Each tablet is designed with a special coating that releases nothing until it reaches the stomach. This dosage form offers significant benefits as to avoid taking multiple doses and reducing the pill burden, it allows people to take only 1 tablet a day.With the gradual, steady release of nutrients from controlled release caplets, the body can absorb and use more of the nutrients consumed. Controlled release tends to come in pill form and is simply made to be more potent but to dissolve slowly. This made people experience fewer GI side effects.

Controlled release caplets, on the other hand, dissolve in the digestive system over a period of time, so the full dose is not released into the bloodstream right away. Instead, the dose is slowly released from the caplets over time so the medicine’s concentration level can stay constant in the body until the next dose is consumed.

Hereby our main products as following:


Model No.

Product name



Vitamin C 500mg controlled release tablet


Vitamin C 1000mg controlled release tablet


Vitamin C 1500mg controlled release tablet



Vitamin C 1000mg with Zinc 15mg controlled release tablet

(As Zinc Sulfate)


Vitamin C 1500mg with Zinc 15mg controlled release tablet

(As Zinc Sulfate)



Vitamin C 1000mg plus Zinc 15mg controlled release tablet

(As Zinc gluconate)



Vitamin C 200mg with Iron 50mg controlled release tablet



Melatonin 10mg controlled release tablet



L-carnitine 1000mg controlled release tablet



Probiotics 20 billion CFUs colon targeted release caplet



Men’s MultiVtaimins

Our mission is being reliable,responsible and safety.All customers are the most valuable asset,we always do our effort to distinguish from others and do OEM or ODM for customer to find creative solutions and build up a long term of business relationship based on mutual interaction and trust.