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Is a vitamin C supplement necessary

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Every day our body needs a variety of nutrients. Today let's be clear about one thing that Vitamin C is definitely a rockstar where supporting health is concerned, it is an antioxidant and helps support normal immune function.

There has a fun fact that our bodies don’t produce or store vitamin C. Fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K are absorbed in fatty tissue, where they tend to stick around for a while. In contrast, Vitamin C is one of water-soluble vitamins, like B and C are more “one and done”, We consume them, absorb what we need, then pee the majority out.

You can get enough vitamin c supplement if you can eat fresh vegetables and fruits every day

Since most US adults get adequate amounts of vitamin C from their diets. You can find a daily dose of vitamin C in a single orange.

We are getting enough vitamin C—and then some as long as we are eating a fair amount of fresh fruits and veggies. Recommended levels of vitamin C is 90mg for adults and more than 4 years old children,also known as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), vary based on age and assigned sex at birth; as a general rule, The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends that adult women† aim for 75 mg of vitamin C a day, while adult men aim for 90 mg. For reference, the food equivalent of 75 mg is one medium orange. In fact, if you ate any of the following, you would be well on your way to meeting the recommended amount of vitamin C for the day:

-1 cup of raw red bell pepper, contains vitamin C 118 mg

-1 grapefruit, contains vitamin C 77 mg

-1 cup of raw broccoli, contains vitamin C 69 mg

-1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice, contains vitamin C 124 mg

Let's take a quick crash course on sustained release vitamin c's role in the body before we dive into all that

First, the impact of vitamin C

Vitamin C has a host of supportive benefits according to the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements, playing a role in supporting the immune system and iron absorption. it is similar to how vitamin D plays a role in supporting calcium absorption. The role of vitamin C is often related to its reduced form, ascorbate, which has been shown to have powerful antioxidant properties, one of which is the ability to fight against free radicals.

Second, Vitamin C has been reliably shown to support normal immune function, the literature is clear and confirmed.—and if seeking a little extra support, it’s worth exploring whether adding in a vitamin C supplement may help support nutrient needs.vitamin c 500mg for sale - NhSquirrel

In fact, most of us eat little or no vegetables and fruits in each day because we spend more time on work and communication, Vegetables and fruits on the table are just a minor part. No one cares if it is on a plate.You're prone to vitamin C deficiency if you don't eat fresh fruits and vegetables for two or three months. This means that we need to look outward for our vitamin C intake. But the good news is that most of us can meet those needs through diet alone. How should you do? You add fresh vegetables and fruits in diet, or you take dietary supplement every day.

We can give you some idea to supple vitamin c supplement

1. While it might seem like a good case for adding vitamin C as one nutrient into a multivitamin, you can buy multivitamins to supple additional vitamin C.

2. There are two important exceptions. Women who are postpartum and/or breastfeeding have higher vitamin C needs, which is why we include vitamin C in our Essential Postnatal. Our Essential for Kids gummy multivitamins also includes vitamin C.

3. As one manufacturer of controlled release dietary supplement in China, we can manufacture sustained release vitamin C 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg tablet with NhSquirrel, based on coated controlled release technology. Take 1 tablet in one day only.After swallowed, it can release 12 to 24 hour in the body son it can supply nutrients for the whole day. Following is our specification based one bottle.

30 tablet 1 bottle,take one tablet in a day, you can take 1 month.

60 tablet 1 bottle,take one tablet in a day, you can take 2 month.

90 tablet 1 bottle,take one tablet in a day, you can take 3 month.

120 tablet 1 bottle and 300 tablet 1 bottle, you can choose it if you have a big family, each person take it and can meet one or two month consumption.

Consuming enough vitamin C is an important part of supporting overall health, and we suggest prioritizing food sources, like fresh fruits and vegetables, over relying solely on supplementation to meet nutrient needs. If you have questions regarding vitamin C intake or have concerns about vitamin C intakes, we recommend reaching out to a trusted physician for medical advice.