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New discovery of the efficacy of vitamin C + zinc

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Zinc is an important nutrient for maintaining health, avoiding the increase of foreign substances and building a healthy physique. It is also an indispensable nutrient for the normal metabolism of energy, carbohydrates, proteins and nucleic acids. It is also one of the components of insulin and various enzymes to maintain normal taste. Key to appetite as well as growth and reproductive function.

Benefits of vitamin c with zinc tablets

1: Nourishing and strengthening the body

If you want to maintain health, studies have confirmed that the effect of "vitamin C + zinc" is better than supplementing alone. Generally, zinc is not easy to associate with a strong body, but in fact, zinc can help restore physical strength and complement the effect of vitamin C.

2: Beauty and beauty

Vitamin C can promote collagen production, antioxidant, maintain cell tightness, is the key to maintaining youthful beauty.

3: Maintain normal metabolism

Vitamin C and zinc are important coenzymes for many metabolisms, like lubricating oils that help machines run smoothly, allowing energy, carbohydrates, proteins and nucleic acids to be metabolized normally, creating a strong foundation for the body.

4: Wound healing

Vitamin C can resist oxidation, maintain cell arrangement and generate collagen, and at the same time enhance connective tissue in the body and help wound recovery. In addition, zinc has the effect of maintaining skin health, and the effect is multiplied.buy vitamin c and zinc tablets -NhSquirrel

What is the best daily intake of vitamin c and zinc tablets?

The eighth edition of the National Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) published by the National Health Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare recommends that adolescents and adults over the age of 13 should consume 100 mg of vitamin C and 12 mg of zinc a day, and the ratio of vitamin C to zinc is close to 10. :1.

These two nutrients cannot be formed in the body by themselves, and they must be supplemented by food or health products, so special attention should be paid to the intake.

Who needs supplemental vitamin c ascorbic acid?

1. Everyone

Vitamin C and zinc are essential to maintain basic metabolism, and they are absolutely needed by everyone.

2. Those who need to adjust their physique

People who are constantly in condition and need to adjust their physique, quickly use C+zinc to build up your health.

3. Pregnant Mommy

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, nutrients need to be shared with the baby, and nutritional supplements should not be ignored. During this period, the intake should be increased.

4. Eaters

You can only rely on the external intake of C+ zinc. If you have an unbalanced diet and insufficient supplementation for a long time, it is difficult to maintain healthy functions. It is convenient to use healthy food to supplement enough.

5. Smokers

Smoking will affect the loss of vitamin C, so people who have the habit of smoking should pay more attention to the amount of C supplementation.

6. Want to be youthful and beautiful

C, which is antioxidant and can promote collagen production, plus zinc that maintains skin health, is definitely a must-supplement for beauty lovers every day!

7. Work exams are stressful

When you are nervous, you will consume more vitamin C. With a healthy foundation, you can work hard for your career and prepare for exams.

Are there any side effects (precautions) of medicine for zinc and vitamin c?

C+ Zinc is a very safe nutrient when taken in recommended amounts! But taking too much (long-term vitamin C 2000 mg/day, zinc 50 mg/day) may still produce uncomfortable symptoms.