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Probiotics-should everyone take it

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Daily probiotic-should everyone be supplemented with it

Some studies have pointed out that the proportion of beneficial bacteria in the intestines of people with strong physique reaches 70%, that of ordinary people is 25%, and that of people with constipation is reduced to 15%, while the proportion of probiotics in the intestines of cancer patients is only 10%. 

Therefore, in the long run, appropriate supplementation of some foods rich in probiotics is of great significance for maintaining intestinal health. There are several categories of people who need special supplement:pre and probiotics supplements price - NhSquirrel

1. Acute infectious gastroenteritis when foreign pathogens cause acute inflammation, the intestinal immune function becomes poor, prone to frequent diarrhea, resulting in a serious reduction in the scale of probiotics. At this time, probiotic preparations such as rhamnobacterium and Saccharomyces boulardii may slightly shorten the duration of diarrhea and reduce the degree of diarrhea.

2. After taking antibiotics, due to the serious damage of antibiotics to the intestinal flora, it is difficult to recover by themselves. Additional probiotics are needed to help restore the balance of intestinal microecology.

3. Research on the elderly with poor digestion shows that the number of probiotics in the human body will decrease with age. The elderly are usually only 11%. Probiotics are seriously insufficient and gastrointestinal function is weak, which needs to be supplemented appropriately.

4. As we said before, the intestinal tract is responsible for about 70% of the immune function of the human body, and probiotics are an important element of immune activity. Therefore, people with frequent colds, chronic inflammation, low immunity and easy to get sick in the intestines and stomach during the change of season can be suitable for supplementing more foods rich in probiotics.