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Taking lots of vitamin C can cause side effects to human body?

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Is there any side effect for taking lots of vitamin C supplement?

Vitamin C is basically easy to absorb. It was previously believed that the toxicity of vitamin C is very small, and even if it is taken orally, only mild nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. will occur. However, in recent years, according to clinical observations and animal experiments, it has been proved that excessive intake of vitamin C will cause a series of adverse reactions.

1. Research by foreign authoritative institutions has shown that people who want to increase their resistance to colds and take vitamin C for a long time and overdose will reduce the content of vitamin C in their bodies. This is because taking large doses changes the regulatory mechanism of vitamin C in the body, accelerating the decomposition and excretion. Therefore, once the drug is discontinued, it may lead to a withdrawal reaction and early symptoms of scurvy (including swollen and bleeding gums, and loose teeth).

2. High-dose vitamin C can counteract the anticoagulant effect of heparin and dicoumarin, leading to thrombosis, which makes people with existing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases more prone to cerebral infarction (stroke).

3. Taking large doses of vitamin C in growing children can make children susceptible to bone disease in the future, because large doses of vitamin C will damage the formation process of osteoblasts.

4. The simultaneous intake of vitamin C and foods containing vitamin B12 can destroy a considerable amount of vitamin B12; and after a large amount of vitamin B12 is destroyed, people are susceptible to anemia.

5. Ingestion of large doses of vitamin C can increase urinary excretion, because its reducibility can produce false-positive reactions of urine sugar, which hinders the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic patients and the precise control of the dosage of hypoglycemic drugs.ascorbic acid 500mg supplier -NhSquirrel

To sum up, although vitamin C is an essential substance to maintain human metabolism and has important clinical value in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, excessive intake is useless or even harmful to the human body.

Cheap drug vitamin C tablets and expensive health supplement vitamin C difference

In pharmacies and health care products merchants, one of the most popular drugs or health care products is vitamin C, ranging from 2 yuan and 100 tablets of vitamin C to expensive health care products. So what is the difference between cheap vitamin C and expensive health supplement vitamin C?

There is only one structure of vitamin C, no matter the price, whether it is natural or synthetic, it is the same thing.

The drug vitamin C is synthetic and super cheap. There are no additives in the drug vitamin C that the health care product salesman said, only plasticizers. Plasticizer is something made of starch, completely non-toxic and harmless.

There are two types of vitamin C, synthetic and natural. Natural vitamin C is the most expensive, and it also contains a variety of beneficial plant extracts, which are only found in very few high-end health care product brands. If the promotion is natural vitamin C but there is no plant extract, nine times out of ten it is false.

When to take ascorbic acid tablet 500 mg?

Quite simply, when the body is deficient in vitamin C, it is necessary to take vitamin C supplements.

1. Those who cannot eat fresh vegetables and fruits for a long time, seafarers, polar workers, field workers, etc.

2. People who consume a lot of vitamin C, people who do heavy physical labor in high temperature environments, athletes who train a lot, and physical workers in severe cold conditions.

3. People who do not like to eat vegetables and fruits.

What is vitamin c 1000 mg time release good for?

Vitamin C is widely involved in human metabolism, and many physiological functions are inseparable from vitamin C. A severe lack of vitamin C will lead to a fatal disease called "scurvy". In the age of European sailing, scurvy was the number one nightmare for seafarers, and at least half of the crew died due to scurvy.

1. Participate in the synthesis of collagen. Deficiency of vitamin C prevents the body from producing collagen, which is the root cause of scurvy.

2. Participate in the synthesis of neurotransmitters (serotonin and norepinephrine) to maintain the basic functions of the nervous system.

3. Participate in cholesterol metabolism and maintain cholesterol stability.

4. Detoxification, many detoxification functions of the liver depend on vitamin C.

5. Antioxidant effect, not explained.

6. The formation of antibodies is inseparable from vitamin C to maintain normal immune function.

7. Promote iron absorption.