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Two best friends - Iron 50 mg and Vitamin C 200 mg controlled release tablets

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Iron as one of trace minerals, something people don't usually talk about, but why? Is it because the word "trace minerals" makes people think they're unimportant because they're needed in such small amounts?  Answer is NO, as they are essential for normal development, function and overall health. Iron is also very important too.

Iron deficiency is the most common trace mineral deficiency in the world. Whatever women and men.Its symptoms include poor immune function, fatigue and anemia. The main function of iron is self-evident,and the importance of this trace mineral is self-evident. It aids in immune function, breathing, energy metabolism and cognitive development.

Iron and vitamin c together are best friends, in simple terms, Vitamin C increases iron absorption!

You can try eating an orange after your roast beef dinner, which will help increase your chances of absorbing the maximum amount of iron from your meal. Now of course oranges tend to be everyone's source of vitamin C, but what else can we eat to increase our vitamin C content? Try any of the following fruits for a change, papaya, bell peppers, broccoli,kiwi,strawberries, grapefruit, Brussels sprouts, orange, snow peas and grapefruit juices,and juices fortified with vitamin C.

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Our company's iron and vitamin c tablets

As one of manufacturer of controlled release dietary supplement in China, we can describe it clearly and clearly,the technology use a special technique that releases the active ingredients and nutrients in vivo according to a predictable,therapeutically rational programmed rate to achieve the optimal levels into the body in 12-24 hours. It releases at a constant rate, which is controlled by the numerous microspores on the outer layer coating film.

Ideally, most iron supplements should not be taken with food. The reason you should take iron on an empty stomach without food is that an acidic stomach helps iron absorption. Unfortunately, many people find that iron upsets their stomach, so they take it with meals to try to counteract side effects like nausea. Your doctor may also recommend drinking a glass of orange juice when taking iron supplements, as vitamin C can improve iron absorption.

Regards to this kind of iron supplements, people often think the best time to take iron supplements is one hour before or two hours after a meal in most cases.Iron supplements are best taken with water on an empty stomach.because there are many foods that can interfere with the absorption of ferrous iron, such as coffee, tea or milk. Next time you're taking an iron pill before breakfast, consider this fact: Taking iron supplements with food may reduce the amount of iron your body absorbs by up to 50%! On the other hand, citrus foods like lemonade can increase iron absorption. Many people like to supplement their iron with "iron supplements" such as orange juice.

As for vitamin c 200 mg with iron 50 mg extended release caplet, we try to combine ferrous sulfate with vitamin c together using our controlled release technology.it can’t stimulate the stomach at all.you can take it before or after breakfast.Taking 1 or 2 tablets Vitamin C 200mg with iron 50mg controlled release tablets with your breakfast or water, Vitamin C can boost iron absorption.iron and vitamin c tablets benefits for the body's iron needs, especially for women who have a big needs for iron. Their body will lose much iron during the monthly menstrual period,and it is necessary to supplement iron every day. we suggest women should take iron plus vitamin c timed release tablets every day. Check the nutrition label of it to make sure it contains enough iron.

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Although it is always preferable to obtain nutrients from real food, the source of vitamin C does not affect iron absorption. Taking Vitamin C 200mg plus iron 50mg sustained release tablets, its formula designed as controlled release tablets, it means the releasing time is 12 to 24 hour in the body, that is to say, it can continue to Provide nutrition within 12 to 24 hour.

An easy way to improve the body's absorption of non-heme iron is to add vitamin C, which can be a powerful iron absorption booster.

People always think there are some foods and minerals that inhibit iron absorption when they take common iron supplements. Some common iron inhibitors include fiber, coffee, cocoa/chocolate,egg whites (from egg whites and yolks), grains and legumes (phytic acid in both inhibits iron absorption), minerals that compete with iron for absorption (such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, and copper), tea (tannins in tea can inhibit iron absorption) and some herbs (including mint and chamomile). But taking Vitamin c with iron controlled release tablet, you can forget above common iron inhibitors,eat as much as you want. Because our ferrous sulfate with vitamin c controlled release tablets release time is 12 to 24 hour, digestion of common iron inhibitors need 3 to 4 hour, so it doesn’t effect the absorption of our controlled release iron and vitamin c supplements.