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Vitamin c and zinc are two important nutrients for health and wellness

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Vitamin c with zinc controlled release caplet

We have two different source of Zinc for these formula, one kind of zinc is from Zinc sulfate, the other kind Zinc come from Zinc gluconate:

1. Vitamin C 1000mg with Zinc 15mg controlled release tablets, zinc is from Zinc Sulfate,big doses of Vitamin C with Zinc can synergistically improve immunity and fight colds.

2. Vitamin C 1500mg with Zinc 15mg times release tablets, and zinc come from Zinc Sulfate,it is suitable for adults who take a larger dose every day in order to meet their needs.

3. Vitamin C 1000mg plus Zinc 15mg sustained release tablets, zinc is from Zinc gluconate, this is another kinds and it has the same effect as Vitamin C 1000mg/1500mg with Zinc 15mg (Zinc Sulfate) controlled release tablets with a slightly big tablet and slightly higher cost. Zinc gluconate is an organic Zinc which is better absorbed.

vitamin c with zinc extended release caplet l484 price - NhSquirrel

We can provide OEM/ODM service too. Different specifications with packaging with your private label,such as 60 tablets/bottle, 90 tablets/bottle,100 tablets/bottle,120 tablets/bottle and 300 tablets/bottle, and the like.Please feel free to contact with us if you are interested in our products.

What is vitamin c?

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin and our body uses it as an antioxidant. It also supports healthy collagen,which is the main component of skin, bones and muscles, and helps increase the structure of these areas of our body. Vitamin C also provides immune support benefits.

Vitamin C is essential because we cannot make it in our body-we must obtain it through our diet. The best food sources of dietary Vitamin C are fruits and vegetables, such as oranges and other citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes.

What is zinc?

Zinc is an essential mineral that can be used as a cofactor (auxiliary nutrient) for more than 300 enzymes in the body. It is important that the body has enough zinc to make certain antioxidants called intrinsic antioxidants, which help fight free radicals. Similar to vitamin C, zinc also plays a role in immune health.

Since zinc is an essential nutrient,we must get it from our diet, just like vitamin C. Some examples of zinc-rich foods include meats such as beef, chicken, and pork, as well as nuts and other legumes.

What causes vitamin c or zinc deficiency?

Although most people in the United States are not severely deficient in vitamin C or zinc, they have not yet reached the point where they may develop deficiencies such as scurvy. However, many people's dietary supplements intake of these nutrients alone is not enough to maintain optimal health. Approximately 40-45% of adults do not get the recommended minimum amount of vitamin C, and at least 10% of adults do not get enough zinc—a figure as high as 26% among older generations.

vitamin c with zinc extended release caplet l484 price - NhSquirrel

As one kind of dietary supplements,we can manufacnture 3 kinds of Vitamin C with Zinc controlled release tablets. We have patent based on coated film controlled release technology to produce them. After swallowed,water enters the tablet core through the micropores on the coating film, and the effective ingredients are dissolved and then penetrate the micropores at a uniform rate. Release it. It can be released continuously for 12 to 24 hours in the body, and it can be released uniformly in the stomach and intestines, which improves the absorption rate and avoids the irritation of the rapid release to the stomach.

Hereby we need introduce our controlled release dietary supplements for you, we use a special technique that releases the nutrient ingredients and nutrients in vivo according to a predictable, therapeutically rational programmed rate to achieve the optimal levels into the body in 12-24 hours. It releases at a constant rate,which is controlled by the numerous microspores on the outer layer coating film.

Each tablet is designed with a special coating that releases nothing until it reaches the stomach. This dosage form offers significant benefits as to avoid taking multiple doses and reducing the tablet burden, it allows people to take only 1 tablet a day.steady release of nutrients from controlled release tablets, the body can absorb and use more of the nutrients consumed. Controlled release tends to come in tablet form and is simply made to be more potent but to dissolve slowly. This made people experience fewer GI side effects.

Controlled release tablets,on the other hand, dissolve in the digestive system over a period of time,so the full dose is not released into the bloodstream right away. Instead, the dose is slowly released from the tablets over time so the medicine’s concentration level can stay constant in the body until the next dose is consumed.