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What are the menu of nutritious meals for weight loss?

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Many people have their own diets for weight loss, so how do you know if your diet is really scientific and effective? Will you accidentally step into a weight loss misunderstanding? Don't worry about these, we provide you with the following healthy weight loss common sense, how to choose the weight loss food correctly? And use the appropriate weight loss method to help you! Come take a look!

How to judge whether a weight loss menu is qualified? What conditions should a scientific and effective weight loss menu have? Nutrition experts analyzed the following weight loss cases to everyone. The lessons learned from mistakes are more valuable than successful experiences!

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Analyze the "cruel" weight loss meal:

Wrong menu 1:

Day 1: Eat fruit all day

Day 2: Eat vegetables all day

Day 3: Fruits and vegetables

Day 4: 8 bananas with skimmed milk

Day 5: 12 ounces of steak,6 tomatoes (any way of eating), drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day

Day 6: Unlimited beef and vegetables

Day 7: Brown rice, fruits and vegetables

Expert analysis:

Meal foods are insufficient in nutrients, severely lacking in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, so it can lead to malnutrition if you eat them for a long-term consumption. Drinking much water will cause a feeling of bloating and reduce appetite, but it only loses water and muscle. Your weight will rise once you stop eating them.

Wrong menu 2:Eating any fruits as breakfast.

Lunch eat fresh carrot juice, green salad, two slices of lightly-baked whole wheat buns, plus tomato slices, cucumber slices or lettuce slices.

Dinner eat any vegetable juice, broccoli soup and brine chicken.

Expert analysis:

Eating fruits with high-sugar can also cause fat although this menu is based on fruits and vegetables, because some fruits contain high calories, so pay attention to the amount when eating according to the menu, in addition, this lacks meat and protein and vitamins in menu, it is not suitable for eating for a long time.

Three steps to identify qualified healthy weight loss meals

Experts point out that the speed of losing weight should not be too fast. It is best to lose 1 kg a month, and 0.5-1 kg a week are all within a reasonable range. To lose weight too fast is not recommended.

There are some tricks on diet to lose weight

Under the premise of ensuring the total amount of calories in a day and a reasonable ratio of various elements, reduce staple foods appropriately, such as rice and serve more vegetables in the dinner. Recommend two delicious weight-loss soups in winter.

Don’t eat sweets and starch as much as possible. Sweets can provide carbohydrates, but the best source of carbohydrates is starch.

Eat more vegetables and fruits. Leafy vegetables are better than melons. Vegetables have lower calories than fruits. It is ideal for people who lose weight to eat 1 catty of vegetables a day. Fruits are also good.Basically, you don’t need to limit your food intake, but you should pay attention. Some fruits with high starch content, such as bananas, plantains, apples, dates, peaches, etc.

The choice of eating meat, four legs are not as good as two legs,and two legs are not as good as no legs. Four-legged animals are mostly saturated fat in meat, such as pigs, sheep, cows, etc. Two-legged animals have more fat under the skin, such as chickens and geese. As long as the skin is peeled off, the calories will be greatly reduced; while fish are Unsaturated fats, especially marine fish are the best.

Try not to eat high-fat, high-cholesterol foods such as liver, heart and kidney. Cooking methods use steaming, boiling, burning and other methods, less frying.

For a low-salt diet, the amount of salt should be controlled at 3-6 grams per day.

In order to be delicious, most restaurants add some animal fats when cooking. It is recommended that people who lose weight cook more at home.