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What is men's multivitamin tablets

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As we konwn men have good health is very important for the family.most of men can not realize its importance of the health body because of the pressure from the work and life. Men's life expectancy is shorter 6 years than women's according to statistics, and they are more likely to suffer from various diseases than women. Men care less about their bodies compared with women. 

Hereby we remind men that they should strengthen men's supplements in their daily diet

The European authoritative report "Human Reproduction Express" shows that the sperm count of Western men has dropped by 50%, and the average concentration of men in a single ejaculate has dropped by 1.3% per year in the past 40 years. Sperm quality has become a typical public safety issue ignored by the public. The World Health Organization research shows that the average sperm density of men in China has dropped from 100 million/ml to 25-40 million/ml compared with 40 years ago in the past decade.

There are some reason causing this result

1. Staying up late: Sleeping at night is the best time for human body organs to repair themselves. Staying up late will lead to endocrine disorders in the human body, affecting the function and vitality of the body, which in turn affects the quality of sperm. After staying up all night, the quality of sperm will be lower than usual.

2. Drinking and smoking: The nicotine in tobacco will reduce sperm activity and fertilization ability, and acetaldehyde, a metabolite of alcohol, will affect the activity of enzymes in testosterone, which will inhibit the secretion of sperm.

3. Sedentary: Similar to drivers, people have a much higher proportion of prostatitis who need to sit for a long time. Sedentary affects the blood flow of the scrotum, and the accompanying epididymitis will also affect sperm motility.

4. Partial eclipse: The synthesis of sperm requires a variety of nutrients, especially protein, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and vitamins. Malnutrition and partial eclipses in men may lead to zinc and selenium deficiency,which increases the rate of sperm deformities and reduces the chances of conception.best daily multivitamin for men - NhSquirrel

We are a dietary supplement company with patented technology. Our patented technology is coating film controlled-release technology. Our formula of men's multivitamin tablets choose a batch of maca, vitamins and minerals that have significant effects on the male reproductive system. One pill a day, long-term consumption, can supplement the nutrients in the male body, thereby helping people with moderate erectile dysfunction and wanting to enhance sex Functional men regain vitality.

Our formula (each piece):

Zinc gluconate 70 mg (zinc 10 mg)

Histidine 150 mg

Vitamin C 300 mg

Niacin 15 mg

B6 10 mg

Maca extract 650 mg

Squirrel men's health multivitamin

Squirrel men's multiVitamin controlled-release tablets supply the types and quantities of Vitamins and minerals according to men's needs. They are nutritionally matched, and nutritional supplements are more targeted, which can be supplemented with zinc, histidine, Vitamin C, niacin, Vitamin B6 and maca, This formula is based on male nutrition. The formula we developed mainly release 12 to 24 hours based on sustained release technology to allow the body to get more continuously and fully absorb various nutrients needed by men and improve male reproductive cells. And organization can continue to improve male reproductive health.

Most of adult men also have unique health concerns—such as heart, immune and muscle health. And our men's multivitamin controlled release tablet with 60 tablets per bottle, the formula contains zinc gluconate, histidine,Vitamin C, niacin, Vitamin B6 and maca extract, they are all source of an essential amino acid involved in muscle protein synthesis. Helps to maintain healthy bones,hair,nail and/or skin. It can time release 12 to 24 hour after swallowing so that it can allow the body to more sustainably and fully absorb various nutrients needed by men. Helps in energy metabolism and in tissue formation. Maintains healthy immune function, supports the emotional aspects of sexual health.

As an organic zinc, zinc gluconate is widely used as a dietary supplement for zinc. Our product title says that 70 mg of zinc comes from zinc gluconate. Controlled release technology is a technical route for release. Under the condition of controlled release technology, this dose is very mild and friendly to the stomach because all raw material has no stimulating effect on the stomach.

Because its release time is 12 to 24 hours, we need take one tablet in a day only to supplement Zinc gluconate, histidine, Vitamin C, Niacin 15 mg, Vitamin B6 and maca extract for one day needs. At the same time, which can meet the body's demand for male nutrition every day. Most ordinary dietary supplements require to eat 1-3 times a day, while the advantage of controlled-release tablets is convenient. We only take one tablet a day, so we don't have to worry about whether we forget to eat it 1 to 2 times a day?

We have many kinds of packaging, 30 tablets, 60 tablets, 90 tablets,you can take one tablet every day. One bottle can meet your nutritional supplement for a month if you choose 30 tablet per bottle, so as to bring health to your family life.