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What's controlled-release on dietary supplements?

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Introduction of controlled-release in ascorbic acid tablet

We can introduce you that controlled-release tablets use a special layer coating film controlled release technology to release smallvitamin c tablets 1000mg for sale - NhSquirrel amounts of the dietary supplement into a person's system between 12 to 24 hous. Each tablet is designed with a special coating that releases nothing until it reaches the stomach.Except Probiotics 20 billion CFUs colon targeted tablets

This is also referred to as timed release,sustained release, or extended release. controlled-release is more better than other release tecnlology,we think.These tend to come in tablet form and are simply made to be more potent but dissolve slowly.

Based on controlled release technology,our controlled-release dietary supplements are designed to more and moe people,you will like them once you choose and try to take it.why? Reason is it is easy and don’t need take 3 times in a day,you can take 1 tablet in 1 day only,after swallowed,they will release 12 to 24 hour in your vivo.giving you more freedom and reducing the risk of forgetting to take or accidentally taking too much dietary supplements.

Classification of controlled-release

Skeleton type: the drug is uniformly dispersed in various carrier materials in the form of molecules, microcrystals and particles.

Storehouse: the drug is encased in a polymer membrane.

Osmotic pump type: controlled release tablets composed of drugs, semi-permeable membrane materials, osmotic active substances and promoters, etc., using osmotic pressure as drug release energy.

The characteristics of controlled-release

1. Delay the release of drugs.

2. Reduce the number of times of taking medicine. For ordinary preparations, take medicine three times a day, and for sustained-release/controlled-release preparations, take medicine twice or once a day. It can improve the compliance of patients taking medicine and is convenient to use.

3, reduce the peak concentration of drugs in the blood to make the blood drug concentration stable, avoid peak valley phenomenon, is conducive to reduce the toxic and side effects of drugs.

4. Sustained-release formulations are primarily intended to delay release, not to accelerate the release of insoluble drugs. Controlled release agents control the rate of drug release, including speeding up the release of insoluble drugs.