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What's the benefit of Vitamin C controlled release tablets

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The importance of sustained release vitamin c

Vitamin C deficiency is very common in Europe and North America,Depending on factors like their diet, age and even socioeconomic status, Vitamin C plays a vital and fundamental role in many aspects of your body's function.

Unlike many animals and vertebrae, we humans cannot synthesize (ie make our own) vitamin C. That's why nutritionists and dietitians refer to it as an "essential vitamin." Thankfully, this water-soluble nutrient is present in many foods.

1.When you eat foods rich in vitamin C or take vitamin C supplements, antioxidants build up in your central nervous system, especially in the neurons of your brain.

2. Vitamin C acts as a neuromodulator, which means it helps your cells use important neurochemicals like dopamine correctly.

3. By supporting these important elements and processes in the brain, vitamin C may provide the following benefits:

4. Improves moods,studies have found that high vitamin C levels in the blood are associated with lower levels of depression,anger, and more.

5. Prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and multiple sclerosis.

6. Improves cognitive function, including enhanced memory, concentration, and concentration.

7. Increases mental energy, as vitamin C plays a vital role in the production of oxygenated blood cells, which in turn helps prevent mental fatigue.

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Let us see the New FDA Labeling Daily Values of Vitamin C, you can check yourself.

Adults and children ≥ 4 years


Infants through 12 months


Children 1 through 3 years


Pregnant women & lactating women


Most of Vitamin C are from vegetable and fruits, you need supplement it from dietary supplement if you eat little vegetable and fruits or you are Vitamin C deficiency.

Vitamin c controlled release caplet of our company

As one of new dietary supplement, we can manufacture many series of them, they are all controlled release dietary supplement:


Model No.

Product name



Vitamin C time release 500mg tablet


Cheap Vitamin C 1000 mg controlled release


Vitamin C 1500 mg sustained release caplets



Vitamin C 1000 mg with zinc 15 mg extended release caplet


Vitamin C 1500 mg with zinc 15 mg controlled release caplet



Vitamin C 1000 mg with zinc 15 mg extended release caplet



Vitamin C 200mg with Iron 50mg controlled release tablet



Sustained release melatonin 10mg tablet



L-carnitine 1000mg controlled release tablet



Probiotics 20 billion CFUs colon targeted release caplet



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Vitamin c time release 1000mg-NhSquirrel

You can see that we have 3 kinds of sustained release vitamin C tablet, the dose of each tablet is 500 mg,1000 mg and 1500 mg.

Our Vitamin C tablet looks same as regular Vitamin C tablet from appearance, regular Vitamin C tablets are all immediate release tablet, it will finish releasing in the body within half an hour, then metabolism takes 5-6 hour, so you need take 3 times in a day.controlled release tablets are not immediate release tablet. Ours is based on coating controlled release technology, it is our patent, meanwhile our dietary supplements are different from other timed release products in the market. they will release 12 to 24 hours at a constant rate in the body after swallowed, which is controlled by the numerous microspores on the outer layer coating film. You take 1 tablet only and meet your nutrients in the whole day.

Based on film or coating controlled release technology, all active ingredients of controlled release dietary supplement are all soluble for water.for example,timed release Vitamin C 1000mg tablet, after releasing finished during 12 to 24 hour, you can see the outer side is one white fiber shell float on the water. you can make testing anywhere, put 1 tablet controlled release tablet into water, mix the water with a straw each half an hour to accelerate the active ingredients dissolution of Vitamin C in the water, inner active ingredients will change small and small over time, finally leaving one white vacant shell on the surface of the water.

Let us see the video:

Different packing of our company's vitamin c controlled release caplet

We have many different packing, such as 30 tablet, 60 table, 90 tablet,100 tablet,120 tablet,180 tablet and 300 tablet per bottle, you can choose enjoyable packing for you and your family.

1. You can choose 30 tablet per bottle if you are single, take one tablet each day, one bottle for one month.

2. If you are couple without child,60 tablet per bottle can meet your one month needs.

3. You can choose 90 tablet per bottle if your 3 persons in family and child is over 14 year old, one bottle can meet your family best Vitamin C supplement for one month.

If your child is less 14 year old,you can choose controlled release Vitamin C 500 mg tablet with 30 tablet per bottle for her or him, taking 1 or 2 tablets is enough for each day.

4. If you have a big family with 5 persons, your grandpa, grandma,father, mother and you,you can choose 300 tablet per bottle, each person take 1 tablet controlled release Vitamin C 1000 mg or 1500 mg tablet each day, one bottle will be empty bottle at the end of the month.

Different packing can meet your different needs whatever how many people in your family. You can contact with us if you are trader and look for Controlled release dietary supplement,we accept OEM &ODM order, hope more3 and more company and peoples know and share our products.