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What's vitamin c controlled release tablets

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Vitamin C deficiency is very common in Europe and North America because their eat more meat in daily diet, eat little vegetables. Depending on factors like their diet, age and even socioeconomic status, as many as one in five men and one in nine women don't get enough Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid).

While most people think of vitamin C as just an immune-boosting nutrient, Vitamin C,as an essential antioxidant, benefits all aspects of your health and wellness, including your brain health.

What is the new FDA labeling daily values for vitamin C?

1. Infants through 12 months need 50mg of vitamin C per day.

2. Children 1 through 3 years need 15mg of vitamin C per day.

3. Adults need 90 mg of vitamin C per day.

4. Pregnant women & lactating women need 120mg of vitamin C per day.

However, lifestyle plays an important role. For example, a smoker's body is exposed to additional oxidative stress, requiring 125 mg/day for men and 110 mg/day for women. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding may also benefit from additional vitamin C. The upper tolerable limit of vitamin C is about 2,000 mg per day, and if you exceed this limit,you may experience gastrointestinal distress such as bloating, gas, or loose stools. so we suggest that you take 1 or 2 controlled release Vitamin C 1000 mg tablets in a day.

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However, unlike vitamin A and other fat-soluble vitamins,vitamin C is water-soluble,and your body simply excretes anything it doesn't use in your urine.

Vitamin C 1000 mg controlled release tablets is new releasing route dietary supplement,we manufacture it with coating controlled release technology, it is best Vitamin C supplement in dietary supplement at present.It looks like regular Vitamin C tablet from outward appearance,regular Vitamin C tablets are all immediate release tablet,it will finish releasing in the body within half an hour, then metabolism takes 5-6 hour, so you need take 3 times in a day.controlled release tablets are not immediate release tablet,they will release 12 to 24 hours after swallowed,that is to say that you take 1 tablet only and meet your needs in the whole day.

Fiber or coating controlled release technology is our patent,all raw material are all soluble for water, so you can see the outer side is one white fiber shell after inner Vitamin C are all soluble for water.the shell is made with edible fiber.you can make testing anywhere,put 1 tablet controlled release tablet into water,stir the water with a straw from time to time to accelerate the dissolution of Vitamin C in the water, you will find the change of inner Vitamin C change small and small,leaving one white vacant shell on the surface of the water finally.

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We have many different specification for Vitamin C controlled release caplet

1. Vitamin C time release 500mg tablets

2. Vitamin c time release 1000mg tablet

3. Vitamin C 1500 mg sustained release tablet

So we also have different packing for above specifications, such as 30 tablet, 60 table, 90 tablet,100 tablet, 120 tablet, 180 tablet and 300 tablet per bottle, you can choose the packing for you and your family.

1. You can buy 30 tablet per bottle for single,take one tablet each day,one month is enough.

2. For couple,60 tablet per bottle can meet your needs for one month,we suggest.

3. You can buy 90 tablet per bottle if your family with 1 child more than 14 year old,one bottle can meet your family Vitamin C supplement for one month, you can choose controlled release Vitamin C 500 mg tablet for your child if he or she is less 14 year old, take 1 or 2 tablets in a day.

4. If you are a big family with grandpa, grandma,father,mother and you,you can buy 300 tablet per bottle, each person take 1 tablet controlled release tablet each day, one bottle can meet the whole family Vitamin C supplement in one month.

Different packing can meet your different needs, hope you can  choose it and like it, our product are all perfect quality with competitive price.

Whats function of Vitamin C?

Unlike many animals and vertebrae,we humans cannot synthesize (ie make our own) vitamin C. That's why nutritionists and dietitians refer to it as an "essential vitamin." Thankfully, this water-soluble nutrient is present in many foods.

Vitamin C plays a vital and fundamental role in many aspects of your body's function:

1. It helps you metabolize nutrients like protein and collagen, and it also improves the absorption of iron and other vitamins and minerals.

2. It has well-known antioxidant properties and even regenerates the antioxidant properties of other nutrients such as vitamin E.

3. It keeps your body healthy at the cellular level, protecting molecules and cells from damage.

4. It significantly boosts immune function, making it popular during cold and flu season.

Please let us know or feel free to contact with us if you have interested in sustained release vitamin c tablet.