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Who is prone to zinc deficiency

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Vitamin c plus zinc deficiency can cause these symptoms

Symptoms of zinc deficiency include slow growth and development, decreased sexual function and fertility, hair loss, acne and skin diseases, difficult wound healing, chronic diarrhea, emotional instability, poor stress resistance, inattention, and other mental and behavioral problems.

Who is prone to vitamin c plus zinc deficiency?

1. Patients with chronic gastrointestinal diseases: such as Crohn's diseasevitamin c plus zinc benefits-NhSquirrel

2. Vegetarians

3. Pregnant and lactating women

4. Babies who grow up only on breast milk

5. Sickle cell anemia patients

6. Undernourished

7. Patients with chronic kidney disease

8. Alcoholics and alcohol addicts

9. Patients with biguria: biguria is a metabolic disease, which may be related to genes. Beagle uric acid itself is useless and harmless. It is excreted from urine, but it is closely combined with vitamin B and zinc. If the body produces excessive Beagle uric acid, the body will lose a lot of vitamin B6 and zinc, resulting in various diseases and symptoms mentioned above.

9 foods for vit c and zinc supplement

Some foods have high zinc content, so they can be eaten moderately in the daily diet. Foods rich in zinc include:

1. Shellfish: oysters, crabs, lobsters. (recommended reading: oysters are rich in zinc and darken your hair! Pay attention to 1 point when eating)

2. Meat: beef, pork, mutton, chicken, Turkey.

3. Fish: cod, sardine, salmon.