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Zinc-do you know the importance of it?

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As the first generation of inorganic zinc, zinc sulfate is widely used in zinc dietary supplements. Vitamin C 1000mg Whitening Zinc 15 mg 60 Tablets Sustained Release Tablets are based on our coating film controlled-release product technology, which is our patented product. Our company is the sole manufacturer which had controlled release technology and the only manufacturer which can produce controlled release dietary supplements in the world. Vitamin C and zinc can be supplemented by 1 tablet at the same time. Each tablet contains 1000 mg of Vitamin C and 15 mg of zinc. It can be released in the body for 12-24 hours after swallowing because it is a controlled-release tablet. Swallowing 1 tablet in a day can meet the body's needs for Vitamin C and zinc for the whole day. This release method is very special and brings us convenience and won't worry about forgetting 1 or 2 times? Because of other common zinc supplement products,it is required to take it twice or three times a day.

We also have another dietary supplement of Vitamin C 1500 Mg And Zinc 15 Mg 60 Tablets Sustained Release Caplets For Skin WhiteningCompared with the previous one, this kind has more Vitamin C content. As we known that Vitamin C with Zinc can support both immune system and antioxidant health. It is used as a dietary supplement to provide Vitamins and minerals that your body does not take in through foods alone.we make Vitamin C with Zinc as perfect partner.

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This product is also a popular choice for consumers. It takes one tablet only every day, you will take 2 months, which brings convenience and relaxation to your life.

The importance of zinc

Zinc is an essential trace element for the human body. The content of zinc in the human body and the daily intake of zinc are very small, but it can play a pivotal role in the body's sexual development, sexual function, and the production of reproductive cells. So we often named zinc as "The spark of life" and "Marriage Harmony Element". The normal zinc content of the human body is 2-3 grams. There are extremely small amounts of zinc in most tissues, among which the liver, muscles and bones contain higher zinc. Zinc is the main component of dozens of enzymes in the body.Zinc is also related to brain development and intelligence. One university in the United States found that smart and well-studied teenagers have higher zinc content in their bodies than dull students. Zinc can also promotes the proliferation and activity of lymphocytes. It has magical effects on maintaining normal epithelial and mucosal tissues, defending against bacterial and viral invasion,promoting wound healing, reducing acne and other skin diseases, and correcting taste failure.

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As an essential trace element for the human body, zinc can promote the growth and development of the body, and promote the metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrates and maintain the body's normal immune function. Zinc is also involved in the absorption and metabolism of vitamin A. Therefore, the child will have obvious loss of appetite when the child is zinc deficient, slow growth and development, poor memory and malnutrition, so zinc supplements are needed.

All systems of the body will be adversely affected when adolescents are deficient in zinc, in particular, it has a more direct impact on the maturity of the adolescent gonads.

It can also cause eye damage when the adult's body is short of zinc, such as vision loss, keratitis, retinopathy and so on. Men's lack of zinc can also cause the decline of some sperm and sexual function in men. We should strengthen the conditioning of diet and eat more lean meat, animal liver, oysters and other foods.

We suggest eating more foods with high zinc content, such as lean meat, peanuts, walnuts, animal liver, bean products, oysters and apples,etc. You should take zinc supplements or drugs if you are diagnosed as zinc deficiency.