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Zinc supplementation's benefits

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Zinc is an essential micronutrient for human body. It is an important nutrient to strengthen the immune system, produce and regulate hormones, improve digestion and vision, and plays an important role in improving memory and brain health. The diet must contain enough zinc, otherwise it will bring many health problems. You should know the benefits of zinc supplementation.

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Improve immunity

Zinc plays a key role in human immunity. Zinc deficiency can weaken the body's immune system and make people more likely to get sick. Zinc supplementation can reduce oxidative stress and prevent the production of inflammatory cytokines. Zinc is effective in preventing and treating colds. In addition to enhancing immunity, zinc can also promote faster wound healing and promote the health of respiratory system.best Vitamin C With Zinc Controlled Release Tablet - NhSquirrel

Protect the heart

As an antioxidant mineral, zinc can protect the myocardium from oxidative stress, which may damage the heart. Patients with congestive heart failure often lack zinc. Adequate zinc intake is helpful to prevent angina pectoris. Like other mineral deficiencies, zinc deficiency can lead to high blood pressure, which can eventually lead to heart problems.

Improve vision

The retina contains high concentrations of zinc, a mineral that works with vitamin A to form melanin, which is very important to the eye. Low night vision and cataract opacity are associated with zinc deficiency, and zinc supplementation can also help prevent age-related macular degeneration.

Promote the health of digestive system

Patients with zinc deficiency often suffer from digestive diseases, the most common of which is difficult to digest protein, because zinc plays an important role in regulating gastric acidity and producing digestive enzymes in the small intestine. Zinc can also help prevent some gastrointestinal diseases and alleviate symptoms such as diarrhea.

Help lose weight

Therefore, the content of zinc in obese people is often low. Long term zinc deficiency will convert the body's energy reserves into fat. Zinc intake can play a positive role in energy metabolism and weight loss. In addition to contributing to weight loss, zinc supplementation can also improve triglyceride levels, because zinc plays an important role in energy metabolism, and zinc deficiency will reduce the body's energy level.

Promote brain health

Zinc is also very beneficial to brain health. The content of zinc in big brain horses is very high. Zinc also plays an important role in protecting brain cells, promoting the healing process of brain and nervous system and regulating the human body's response to stress. Zinc supplementation also helps to enhance learning and memory ability.

Promote bone and oral health

Zinc is an important mineral for keeping teeth and bones healthy. Other nutrients such as zinc and magnesium, vitamin D, K2 and boron have beneficial effects on preventing and reducing bone loss and osteoporosis. Zinc deficiency can lead to abnormal bone metabolism and affect bone formation and mineralization. Zinc is also an important trace element for oral health. The mineral has antibacterial properties and can effectively treat oral health problems such as gingivitis, dental caries and periodontitis.

In addition to keeping the body's immune system strong and preventing infection, zinc has many health benefits. However, it should be noted that too much zinc in the body may reduce the content of copper in the body, and copper is another trace element very important to the immune system. Lack of copper in the body can lead to fatigue, muscle weakness, hypothyroidism or skin problems.