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Zinc-what's the function of it?

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Zinc is one of the necessary trace elements for the body. Zinc is a nutrient for the development of thymus of immune organs. Sufficient zinc can effectively ensure the development of thymus, normally differentiate T lymphocytes and promote cellular immune function.

Zinc can help growth and development, intellectual development and improve immunity. Lack of zinc will seriously affect our body, especially growth and development. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement enough zinc for growth and intellectual development. In addition to have a balanced diet, please don't forget to supplement nutrition appropriately.

There are dietary supplements of zinc in the market, including oral liquids, tablets and capsules, which are taken 2-3 times a day. As the first generation of inorganic zinc, zinc sulfate is widely used in zinc dietary supplements. Vitamin C 1000 Mg 30 Tablets Complex Caplet With Zinc 15 Mg Controlled Release are based on our patented technology-coated film controlled-release product technology, our company is also the unique company which has controlled-release technology and the sole manufacturer which use membrane controlled technology to produce controlled-release dietary supplements in the world.

Vitamin C 1000 Mg Improve Immunity Zinc 15 Mg 90 Tablets Timed Release Tablet, each tablet contains Vitamin C 1000 mg and zinc 15 mg.you can supplement both VC and zinc if you swallow one tablet, because the release time of controlled-release tablets is 12-24 hours after swallowing, taking one tablet with water or breakfast can meet the body's needs for Vitamin C and zinc. The release method is very special because it brings us convenience. Taking one tablet every day,you  don't worry about forgetting 1 or 3 times at all.

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Our have some different packing with 30 tablets per bottle, 60 tablets per bottle and 90 tablets per bottle for your choice. For example, 30 tablets per bottle. This bottle is the dosage for one month only if you take one tablet per day.

Vitamin C 1500mg And Zinc 15mg 90 Tablets Extended Release Tablet, it is another kind dietary supplement of Vitamin C 1500 mg plus zinc 15 mg, which has more Vitamin C content. It has several packages for you to choose from 30 tablets/bottle, 60 tablets/bottle, 90 tablets /bottle and 120 tablets/bottle. For example, 90 tablets per bottle. For three people in a family,taking one tablet only per day. One bottle is the dosage for one month. The product is also a popular choice for consumers. You can take one tablet every day, which brings convenience and relaxation to your life.

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Let's share the efficacy of zinc since zinc is a very important element for the body

1. The main function of zinc is to improve immune function, enhancing resistance to diseases, promoting wound healing, boosting human growth and development and maintain human normal appetite. Zinc is the most obvious trace element affecting immunity. In addition to directly promoting the development and function of immune organs such as thymus and lymph nodes, it also has the ability to directly fight some bacteria and viruses, so as to reduce the chance of disease.

2. Zinc can help maintain normal taste and smell functions and promote appetite. This is because the taste element that maintains taste is a protein containing zinc, which can promote the differentiation of taste buds and the combination of flavoring substances and taste buds. In case of zinc deficiency, there will be abnormal taste, affecting appetite and cause dyspepsia.

3. Zinc participates in the synthesis and activity of many enzymes such as carbonic anhydrase, DNA polymerase and RNA polymerase, and also inseparable from the synthesis of many nucleic acids and proteins. If the zinc supply in the body is sufficient, the anabolism of cystine, methionine, glutathione and endocrine hormones can proceed normally. Therefore, it can maintain the metabolism of the central nervous system and bone metabolism, ensure and promote the normal growth of children's physique, such as height, weight, head circumference and chest circumference, etc., brain development, sexual characteristic development and sexual maturity.

4. Zinc participates in the metabolism and physiological function of Vitamin A in the body, and plays a good role in maintaining normal dark adaptability and improving low vision. Zinc is clinically beneficial to the eyes because it can promote the absorption of Vitamin A. The absorption of Vitamin A is inseparable from zinc. Vitamin A is usually stored in the liver.When the human body needs it, Vitamin A is transported to the blood. This process relies on zinc to complete the "mobilization" work.

5. Zinc also protects the normal development of skin and mucosa, promotes the healing of wounds and mucosal ulcers, and prevents hair loss, rough skin, epithelial keratosis,etc. Zinc supplements were first used in clinic to treat skin diseases.

6. Zinc can ensure that the nutritional flora of the gastrointestinal tract is in a normal state, maintain vision and maintain the metabolic function of the liver. Zinc is a trace substance in the human body.For the internal organs, trace elements are of great significance to the liver. They can maintain the normal metabolic function of the liver, maintain the normal growth and development of various immune factors produced from the liver, maintain the function of human immunity and immune system,improve the resistance, restore the health of the body after the disease, protect the eyes and maintain the normal taste function. Trace elements can maintain the normal metabolism and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract, play a balance role in various intestinal flora, and avoid acute inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.