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Our company is the leader of coated controlled-release nutritional supplement in the whole world.

We are dedicated to research and manufacture controlled-release nutritional products are developed and patented by us.we explore many series of dietary supplements with superior patented coated controlled-release technology.Vitamin C caplet,Vitamin C with Zinc tablets,Vitamin C with anthocyanin caplets,Vitamin C with iron caplets,L-carnitine tablets,Probiotics 20 billion CFUc caplets,and the like.

The foucus of coated controlled-release technology is long releasing time by one stage only.such the releasing time for the category of Vitamin C products is 12-24h by one stage,the releasing time of melatonin tablet is 5-8h by one stage.the controlled releasing time of L-carnitine 1000mg tablets is 6-12h by one stage.Probiotics 20 billion CFUs caplets are colon targeted release tablet.

We have ISO,HACCP,FDA and COA certificate.and we export all products to oversea market,such as America,Europe,Africa,Middle East and other countries.
All products are designed to meet live your best life--through science-based series of nutritious products with premium, scientifically-validated formulations.We are passionate about providing personalized solutions to help you achieve optimal health.