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  • Uses of Ascorbic Acid

    February 03, 2023

    Food additivesThe main use of L-ascorbic acid and its salts is as a food additive, mainly for anti-oxidation. It is approved for this purpose in the European Union under E number E300,[9] United States,[10] Australia and New Zealand. [11]Dietary supplements[edit]Another major use of L-ascorbic acid Read More

  • Chemistry of ascorbic acid and Properties

    February 02, 2023

    Chemistry of ascorbic acid and PropertiesAscorbic acid is an organic compound originally known as hexuronic acid. It is a white solid, but impure samples can be pale yellow. It dissolves well in water, forming a slightly acidic solution. It is a mild reducing agent.Ascorbic acid exists in two enanti Read More

  • Why do some products have better delayed and controlled release effects?

    January 17, 2022

    When small molecule drugs or dietary supplements are swallowed into the human body,they are often quickly absorbed into the blood without digestion. When the concentration of active ingredients is high, human organs' metabolism and excretion speed, such as liver and kidney, will also increase. Read More

  • Introduction of several timed and controlled release technical routes

    January 14, 2022

    We can manufacture many series of controlled release dietary supplement, the advantage of controlled release tablets is releasing time is 12 to 24 hour in the body although the dose of each tablet is very big, so you don't feel any discomfort at all, we can show you some controlled release products. Read More

  • World strengthened immunity day

    January 05, 2022

    Vitamin C with Zinc can improve human immunity, we can make three kinds of such Dietary Supplements. Vitamin C 1000mg with zinc 15 mg controlled release tablet, zinc from Zinc Sulfate Vitamin C 1500mg with zinc 15 mg sustained release tablets, zinc from Zinc Sulfate Vitamin C 1000mg with zinc 15 mg extended release tablets, zinc from Zinc gluconate Read More

  • Dietary supplements in China also need beautiful face?

    December 15, 2021

    Young people began to buy dietary supplements more frequently although they were not a big promotion, and "health preservation" was regarded by young people as a trendy attitude towards life. Read More

  • What's the key to get success in the dietary supplement industry in 2021?

    December 13, 2021

    The burst out of the COVID-19 suddenly has made consumers deeply aware of the importance of health.It is an extraordinary year for the dietary supplements industry in 2020. Read More

  • What major market or industry trends do you expect to see in 2021?

    December 10, 2021

    As one of controlled release dietary supplements in China, we can confirm some hotsale dietary supplements have be increased in 2020 and 2021, such as Melatonin 10mg controlled release tablets, Vitamin C 1000 mg /1500 mg with Zinc 15 mg controlled release tablets, L-carnitine 1000 mg controlled release tablet and probiotics 20 billion CFUs colon targeted release caplet, and the like. Read More

  • The dietary supplements industry's development trend in 2021

    December 08, 2021

    2020 has gone a long way in consolidating the importance of dietary supplements to support a healthy immune system, I think.People talk about supplements more actively than at any time in history. Consumers' recognition of the benefits of supplements will continue to have a significant impact on the industry in 2021. Read More

  • The development trend of the dietary supplements industry in 2021

    December 03, 2021

    It is an extraordinary year for the dietary supplements industry in 2020.The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 has made consumers deeply aware of the importance of health, which has greatly promoted the development of the health care industry. Read More