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What's the key to get success in the dietary supplement industry in 2021?

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The burst out of the COVID-19 suddenly has made consumers deeply aware of the importance of health.It is an extraordinary year for the dietary supplements industry in 2020. Which has greatly promoted the development of the health care industry. So how will the health care product industry develop in 2021? Will the dietary supplements industry will continue to grow in 2021? What are the key elements of getting success?

Let us continue to listen to the voice from experts concerning about the development of the health care products industry.

Question 4: What is the key to get success in the dietary supplement and natural products industry in 2021?

Kevin Bell: I believe that the key to a company's success will be to continue to focus on successful products and protect its supply chain.

Lisa Buono: Pay close attention to consumers. Look for the intersection of the science behind the ingredients and consumer needs.

John Endres: Science,science,science. It is essential for responsible marketing and ultimately double win results to invest in science to support the safety and effectiveness of ingredients.

Duffy MacKay: The key to success is adaptability in the current environment. COVID-19 has caused tensions in the supply chain, packaging shortages, changes in consumer buying patterns, and personnel challenges. The world is changing now companies must develop rapidly in this environment if they wnt to be successful.

Irfan Qureshi: I believe that the most successful industry players will be those companies that can conduct strong supervision of their supply chains to meet their quality and production needs based on the consumer's point of view, the products and ingredients provided are the current popular trends. Companies, and those most able to attract consumers through online and social media channels.

Kantha Shelke: Education and evidence. For people in the dietary supplement and natural products industries, the key to success is to provide scientific evidence for all their claims and to build trust and loyalty from consumers.

Brian Tanzer: There are too many misunderstandings about health and wellness, especially about dietary supplements. We must work tirelessly to help people realize the importance of lifestyle to health by providing real scientific data on the key roles that diet, exercise, and supplements can play in consumers' pursuit of optimal health and wellness.

It's not just selling products for people, but also promoting a way of life for people. This lifestyle should include a good nutrition and exercise basis, as well as dietary supplements that can play an important role in their life.

John Villafranco: Companies will continue to succeed that embrace transparency and are committed to strict compliance with regulations

Brian Wommack: It is very important that companiese can listen to the voice from consumers. As we learned in 2020, the ability to quickly adapt to changing consumer needs will distinguish winners from losers. 2021 should be another year that will bring growth opportunities to all companies, but the most agile and responsive companies will occupy the majority of the shares.

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