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What major market or industry trends do you expect to see in 2021?

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As one of controlled release dietary supplements in China, we can confirm some hotsale dietary supplements have be increased in 2020 and 2021, such as Melatonin 10mg controlled release tablets, Vitamin C 1000 mg /1500 mg with Zinc 15 mg controlled release tablets, L-carnitine 1000 mg controlled release tablet and probiotics 20 billion CFUs colon targeted release caplet, and the like.

Today let us continuously listen to thirteen experts discuss in the health product industry.

Question 3: What major market or dietary supplements trends do you expect to see in 2021?

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Kevin Bell: The future delivery system and packaging will become very powerful, I believe finding new and unique ways to differentiate between products and instructions will help businesses change the rules of the game in 2021. It has reached an unprecedented height that attention to dietary supplements from customers, and those extraordinary companies will be rewarded from it.

Lisa Buono: Looking forward to sale online, but this does not mean that physical stores will disappear completely, but businessmen must adapt to consumers’ new shopping habits and take both sales methods into account.

John R. Endres( AIBMR Life Sciences/Chief Scientific Officer) : Obviously, in the face of the COVID-19 ongoing pandemic,we will continue to see interest in products that support immune health. People will continue to turn to natural product companies in such a special period, which support healthy diets, lifestyles, herbs and dietary supplements that can help consumers maintain optimal health.

Daniel Fabricant( Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Natural Products Association) : Many people will agree with that zinc, Vitamin D and any components related to the immune system will continue to grow, I think I am optimistic that the sports nutrition market will recover. People are eager to go out, want to stay slimming and regain vitality, so I look forward to the recovery of this market.

Kimberly Kawa( Movitz Group/Health Products Expert): Data from SPINS shows sales of dietary supplements are still expected to grow in 2021 that along with the concept of self-care becomes increasingly important to health. I expect that professional products for specific life stages or genders and functional ingredients that support allergies and respiratory health, immunity, sleep, mood and cognition will grow by 2021.

Consumers are seeking extra support to face the challenges in life. I predict that brands that focus on efficacy, purity and quality will continue to grow in the field of supplements, while in the field of natural products, brands that focus on transparency in raw material procurement, processing and clean labeling will succeed.

Douglas "Duffy" MacKay(CV Sciences Company/Senior Vice President of Science and Regulatory Affairs): Where consumers buy dietary supplements have gradually changed in the past 10 years. However, the COVID-19 outbreak directly led to a rapid shift to online sales from local store.Companies that have not yet transitioned to providing consumers with an online shopping experience will have to set their store online as soon as possible.

COVID-19 has also shifted the focus of dietary supplements to immune products, especially natural products that have been studied or can be used to treat or prevent COVID-19. For example, the number of studies investigating the benefits of Vitamin D supplements for COVID-19 has surged. If it turns out to be beneficial, then we will rekindle our interest in Vitamin D supplements. Doctors will advise patients to take Vitamin D, so the sales will increase accordingly.

Irfan Qureshi: I expect that key categories including immune health, sleep, mood, stress and cognitive health will continue to grow in 2021. As more people have access to vaccines, and the acute fear of COVID-19 begins to fade in the second half of this year, categories that have traditionally performed strongly include cardiovascular health, weight management, digestive health and microbiome support products and turmeric Key ingredients such as, CoQ10 and Omega-3 should see continued growth.

With the continuous development of research and regulatory fields, CBD will become another ingredient category that needs attention.

In general, considering the demand for immune supplements throughout 2020, as a necessary auxiliary product for health and wellness treatments after entering 2021, the brilliance of supplements should continue to shine, which should be another higher level in the industry years of average growth.

Kantha Shelke: Hope is a combination of science and sensibility. It is now more important than ever to educate the market with science and sensibility.delayed release melatonin for sale- NhSquirrel

Paula Simpson: We have 6 points to this question

1) Immune health is a hot topic, so I think many products will link their formulas with immune health in different ways;

2) Traceability: The quality of the ingredients, including their source and planting area,will be more integrated into the brand story and the relationship between it and the overall quality, safety and efficacy of the product will also be more important;

3) Health is everywhere, it’s from our inner health to our appearance and mentality. This will continue to be the focus of attention from the people in 2021.

4) Natural antiviral drugs: Combining immune health, it will become the focus of attention targeted nutrition and plant ingredients with antiviral properties.

5) Microbiome science and personalized nutrition: These two fields are developing rapidly and will continue to be so.

6) This is a digital world: The traditional physical retail channels are changing,and many brands are changing their direct-to-consumer to marketing online.

Brian Tanzer: I think we will continue to see the come out of new products in the immune category, and the company will launch a variety of immune support formulas to help reduce pill fatigue while also keeping people's immune systems healthy.

I also believe that we will see the growth of products designed to address stress and its effects on the body. The pressure of working at home,studying online, and the economic impact of the COVID-19 has prompted people to look for products that help reduce stress and anxiety.

John Villafranco(Kelley Drye & Warren LLP partner): Sustainability will become a hot word in the industry in 2021, and as it has been for many years, companies have finally accepted it.

Brian Wommack: The personalization trend will continue to move forward. Companies that newly enter the market will challenge existing competitors, and both will adapt to the market and serve consumers in the best way. As many companies increase their revenue in 2020 and are eager to find ways to expand their influence, integration will continue. New talents will continue to flow to the industry, and we will see some new faces have an impact in 2021.