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The development trend of the dietary supplements industry in 2021

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The development trend of the dietary supplements industry in 2021

It is an extraordinary year for the dietary supplements industry in 2020. The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 has made consumers deeply aware of the importance of health, which has greatly promoted the development of the health care industry. So how will the health care product industry develop in 2021? Will the industry continue to grow? What are the key elements of success?

Today, we are jointly concerned about the development of the health care products industry, and specially compiled an interview report published in Nutrition Outlook magazine. Thirteen experts in the health product industry discussed issues such as "the biggest concern for the health product industry", "possible positive changes", "future development trends" and "key elements of success".cheap vitamin c supplement - NhSquirrel

Question 1: Whats your biggest concern for the health care product industry in 2021?

Judy Blatman(Judy Blatman Communications President): As a communication leader who has been in the health care product industry for more than 15 years, I have always been most concerned about the illegal sale of products disguised as health care products. Although consumer and media coverage of this issue seems to have decreased in recent years, the problem still exists.

In mid-December, the FDA issued a consumer warning stating that nearly 50 products on Amazon and eBay that promote male physical strength and weight loss contained undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredients. This is dangerous for consumers, but for the supplement industry, it brings a series of problems.

Thanks to those companies and industry leaders who have tried to separate rule-followers from rule-breakers, they are seeking meaningful self-regulatory programs and fully supporting government regulatory actions. One of the first prerequisites for effective communication is to hurry up before the crisis, but I am worried that the industry has not yet achieved this. I can’t help but think of an old-fashioned fact-a rat poop spoils a pot of porridge.

Lisa C. Buono(IRI Worldwide Compamy): Supply and supply chain adjustments, shelf classification (due to pressure to abandon niche products and choose products that consumers need today), and predict consumer demand for immune-supporting products.

Irfan Qureshi(Healthy Directions/Corporate Vice President): Although it is very difficult year in 2020, the epidemic of the new crown virus, the fight against the fierce United States, private speeches, but for many people in the health care industry, this is simply an inevitable year.

These challenges present unique opportunities for companies that have the ability to provide products in several key areas, the first being immune health. In addition, attention to sleep, mood and stress has also increased significantly. In the future, these aspects may also receive continued attention.

However, the industry also needs to show flexibility in certain areas. The supply of raw materials and packaging materials is tight in 2020,and these supply chain issues need to be improved in 2021 to continue to be successful.

Looking to the future, savvy consumers will have the ability and financial resources to pay attention to those ingredients that have stronger evidence to prove their scientific nature, and these ingredients will rise.

Another challenge will be that more and more brands begin to sell dietary supplements online through platforms such as Amazon. There are already signs that Amazon is cracking down on low-quality supplements due to pressure from multiple sources. Although this is a good thing, premium brands need to be prepared to deal with the challenges and contradictions associated with selling on Amazon. Based on this, although the right players have many opportunities to continue and develop healthily, they will certainly face some difficult resistance in 2021.

Kantha Shelke(Senior Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University): The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on everyone's lives in 2020. Health and immunity have become people's primary considerations. People all over the world take food and dietary supplements as feasible methods to improve immunity and prevent diseases. This is both good news and bad news. "Good" because people see food and dietary supplements as a viable solution. "Bad" because it means that some people may use disadvantaged groups to conduct illegal operations. This is my biggest concern about the development of the industry in 2021.

Paula Simpson(Nutribloom Company founder): I believe that sustainable development and microbiome health are two potential areas of concern in 2021. In addition, I think it should also be noted that certain products will be rushed to market in response to the pandemic, which may hinder due diligence during the entire product development process.

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