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Dietary supplements in China also need beautiful face?

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"Health preservation" is not belong to middle-aged and elderly people. Today's young people have also joined the ranks of health preservation. Young people began to buy dietary supplements more frequently although they were not a big promotion, and "health preservation" was regarded by young people as a trendy attitude towards life. In addition, their consumption preferences also affect the development trend of the health care product as the younger generation of consumers join the army of "health preservation". Various forms of "snacks" dietary supplements such as cute gummies and jelly dietary supplements are more important. It is praised by the era when "beautiful face is important" decides everything.

1. Sales increase of dietary supplements in China because the youngers also joins the "health preservation" ranks

People's expenditure on medical care is rising rapidly as people's health requirements continue to increase. The consumption scale of my country's dietary supplements industry has been expanding year by year in an environment where "big health" is promoted. It can also be seen from the data that the sales amount of dietary supplements in China have shown an upward trend from 2015 to 2020. There has been an increase in "retaliatory consumption"after the outbreak of the COVID-19 in 2020, reaching 198.4 billion Chinese yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.52%.dietary supplements price- NhSquirrel

The increase in the number of purchasers is the main driving factor for the growth of the online dietary supplements industry. The post-90s generation are the core driving group for the continuous increase in the proportion of consumers. They regard "health preservation" as a very trendy lifestyle.  And young people pay more attention to the quality of life, so having a healthy body is the foundation for them. However, due to the high pressure of social competition, it also leads to staying up all year round and eating irregularly. They are generally in a sub-healthy state, so they buy a body that has the function of regulating the body. Dietary supplements are more like a kind of self-comforting psychology.

2. The younger generation is willing to pay for the "beautiful face"

Today’s society is full of ideas that promote beauty and seductiveness. The post-90s generation are even advocates and practitioners of "beautiful face is important"; this is the age of "beautiful face is justice", and good looks are the first to grasp. Live in the eyes of consumers: "good-looking" brands are really important.

Nielsen survey data shows that 64% of consumers will buy dietary supplements with more attractive packaging. Consumer demand will develop step by step with the changes of the times and the increase of age from the demand for material to the demand for spirit.

Looking at the packaging of food and beverages, a variety of trendy, interesting and high-value packaging designs are emerging one after another. The consumption of dietary supplements has been upgraded, and besides the functions, the appearance is also important. While being healthy, young people are also pursuing beautifully packaged products, looking for high-value products that can give them a sense of life rituals. Good-looking packaging design has obvious visual differentiation in similar competing products, which can provide competitiveness for brand communication and product sales, so that consumers can remember at a glance that it is also a product's own ability.

From the perspective of the growth rate of different forms of dietary supplements, some snack forms such as gummies and jelly are favored by more and more young people, and their proportion in the consumption of young people has also increased year by year.  From the perspective of preference, the younger generation who love early adopters are more likely to be attracted by snack-type health products. In Xiaohongshu, there are 120,000+ notes related to “functional foods”. Only the “gummy health products” shared by bloggers, there are collagen gummies that claim to “replenish collagen and whiten”, "Antioxidant" lutein ester gummies, Iron-supplemented gummies, and other types of gummies with different effects.

As for iron supplements, we manufacture one kind of Vitamin C 200mg with iron 50 mg controlled release tablets, most people think it is difficult to swallow granules of iron supplement and oral liquids in the market because of its smell, but our Vitamin C 200mg with iron 50 mg time release tablets is good match because Vitamin C can promote the absorption of iron, and vitamin C with iron can effectively improve iron deficiency anemia. It is designed to make Vitamin C 200 mg with iron 50 mg release in 12 to 24 hours in body, its releasing need one stage only,the formula is high potency iron supplement for iron deficiency and boosts energy by helping to fight fatigue in users with low iron levels.

This shows that the appearance of dietary supplements is not only the outer packaging, but also the appearance of the product itself. The consumption growth rate of gummiess and jellies with cute and changeable shapes ranks in the forefront.