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The dietary supplements industry's development trend in 2021

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Question 2:What’s positive developments do you think the dietary supplement and natural product industries will see in 2021?

Kevin M. Bell(Arnall Golden Gregory/Company partner):2020 has gone a long way in consolidating the importance of dietary supplements to support a healthy immune system, I think.People talk about supplements more actively than at any time in history. Consumers' recognition of the benefits of supplements will continue to have a significant impact on the industry in 2021.

Judy Blatman: It is difficult to see the day when the COVID-19 is completely wiped out, but I hope that this day will come soon. Do we remember the important lesson about health that this pandemic taught us? How fragile health is? So when we try to stay healthy, how important it is to proactively make choices.

For the nutritional supplement industry, people strongly hope that the sectors that have been hit the most, such as sports nutritional supplements, will rebound and those markets that benefit from the pandemic, such as immune support nutritional supplements, will continue to enjoy growth. Promote the development of the entire nutritional supplement category.cheap sleeping aid melatonin - NhSquirrel

The epidemic has caused people to become curious about herbal medicines and start to try new ingredients and supplements that may not have been seen before. I would like to know whether this situation will continue in 2021.

Lisa Buono: Although we have begun to see some consumers reduce their intake of Vitamin C and other substances that they are eager to try immediately after the peak of the epidemic in March 2020, we still hope that this behavior can continue and become the norm. The more responsible consumers are for their own health, the more likely health products are to benefit.

Paula Simpson: The natural health industry has the opportunity to expand its educational platform to a wider audience. Education will be the key driving force to sustain this new group of people.

Brian Tanzer(The Vitamin Shoppe, Corporate Scientific Affairs Manager): 2020 is a wake-up call for those who do not put health first, I think we have learned that many people with underlying health problems are mostly caused by their lifestyle, and they are more likely to get serious illnesses or contract the COVID-19.

We are seeing more and more consumers seeking supplements to support their immune system, especially Vitamins C and D and zinc. During the epidemic, as more and more data showed the importance of nutritional supplements, the number of doctors who advised patients to take nutritional supplements increased sharply.

I believe this trend will continue until 2021, we will continue to fight the virus with the role of vaccines in the population.Eventually, I hope we can achieve herd immunity. I believe that our industry has the responsibility to continue to educate consumers on the importance of lifestyle, these factors will affect their immune health and overall health. These factors include a healthy diet, daily exercise, adequate sleep and taking the right dietary supplements.

Brian Wommack(Senior Vice Chairman of the Responsible Nutrition Committee): For most Americans, the epidemic will continue to remind them to take better care of their overall health. In 2021, we are likely to see consumers start certain health behaviors, or further normalize health behaviors. For example, those who start taking regular supplements may continue to take them and take the product more regularly or extend the course of treatment. It is likely that in 2021 and beyond, the industry will continue to usher in significant growth.vitamin c and zinc benefits - NhSquirrel

In addition, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued the "Food Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025." At the end of 2020, the latest guidelines further recognize the critical role of dietary supplements in American health.

The data released this year showed for the first time the role of supplements in pregnancy and breast feeding and the life stages from birth to 24 months. With the continuous promotion of the latest government data in 2021, we believe this is a positive step to help the public realize the important role of these products in meeting nutritional recommendations and healthy lifestyles.

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