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Welcome to visit our webcast at the 130th Canton Fair online

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The Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trading event with the longest history,the largest scale,the most complete exhibit variety and the greatest business turnover in China.the 130th Canton Fair has a great significance to all of oversea purchasers.

The 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be held online between October 15 to 19,2021.There are 16 product categories in 51 sections will be displayed online.our company will network broadcast our products online,hope more and more foreigh purchasers enter our live streaming to find the products you need.

How to find us?


You can open the link and find category---Medicines,medical devices and health products---Health Care Products---Healthy food,then input keyword---controlled release tablet or timed release caplet,so you can find more and more products from us.

Kindly show you our main products as below:

1.Vitamin C 500mg controlled release caplet

2.Vitamin C 1000mg controlled release caplet

3.Vitamin C 1500mg controlled release caplet

4.Vitamin C 200mg with iron 50mg controlled release caplet

5.VC1000mg+zinc 15mg(As Zinc gluconate)controlled release caplet

6.VC1000mg+zinc 15mg(As zinc sulfate)controlled release caplet

7.VC1500mg+zinc 15mg(As zinc sulfate)controlled release caplet

8.Iron 65mg timed release caplet

9.Iron 99mg timed release caplet

10.Potassium citrate 99mg timed release caplet

11.Potassium citrate 198mg timed release caplet

12.Melatonin 5mg timed release caplet

13.Melatonin 10mg timed release caplet

14.L-Carnitine 1000mg timed release caplet

15.Probiotics 20 billion CFUs colon targeted release caplet

16.Men's multivitamin caplet

Chinese and international companies are welcome to visit our webpage at the 130th Canton Fair online to create a better future.