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Probiotics-everything you need to know about it

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What are digestive probiotics?

In short, probiotics are living microorganisms,such as bacterial strains, they can bring you health benefits if they are abundant.They can be developed and grown in the laboratory and then put into pills, powders or other products. They are also naturally present in some fermented foods and beverages. When there are probiotics in your intestines, they are like peacekeepers, helping to restore order and keep functioning normally. Scientists have discovered that using probiotics to regulate the balance of intestinal bacteria may provide a new way to keep people healthy.

What are the effects of digestive probiotics on your body?

They stay temporarily in your intestines. Probiotics will not enter forever-you must continue to consume them to get the most benefit. Probiotics expert and associate professor of family medicine at Georgetown University Daniel J. Merenstein, MD, said that probiotics need about five days of habitual intake to build up.

They can improve the intestinal barrier. "In your intestines, there is only one layer of cells between you and death."  Although dramatic, it accurately describes the ultra-thin barrier of your gastrointestinal tract, which allows nutrients in food to pass through and repel toxins. If this barrier is broken, pathogens may enter your bloodstream and make you very sick. Probiotics strengthen the bond between cells and may stimulate mucus production, support the barrier and make it difficult for problematic bugs to cause serious damage.

They starved to death the pathogen. Since they compete with bad people for food, probiotics control harmful bacteria by making it difficult for them to thrive.

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What are the benefits of good probiotics?

The two biggest reasons to consume probiotics are to prevent or manage GI problems and reduce your chances of getting bugs. "If you are traveling or under stress, or have poor diet or sleep, then you will notice that probiotics are indeed effective," said Dr. Melenstein. But the latest research shows that probiotics also have the potential to help prevent or treat other diseases,such as high cholesterol, allergies and even anxiety. Probiotics have such a profound effect because your gut is the same: it has more nerve endings than anywhere in the body except the brain, and it has zero basis for the function of the immune system.

As you may know, to build a strong immune system, people need to be exposed to a variety of microorganisms, and modern Americans are usually not exposed to these microorganisms. In addition, we use antibacterial agents-found in some soaps and even toothpaste-can kill both beneficial and harmful bacteria, and probiotics may fill this gap.Are there any side effects of probiotics?

Probiotics may increase bloating, gas or bowel changes,depending on the strain and your personal response to it.

Almost everyone can take probiotics, but if you suffer from digestive diseases such as celiac disease, please consult your doctor first. In addition, if you are allergic to food or drugs, check the ingredients on the label to minimize the risk of a reaction.

What is a gut probiotics food?

You can ingest probiotics from fermented foods and beverages, such as miso, tempeh, sauerkraut,kimchi,kombucha, and dairy products like yogurt, kefir, fermented milk,some cheese. Look for at least five live bacteria and live bacteria in the ingredient list, but don't eat processed foods that claim to contain probiotics, such as sugary drinks or even candies. Unsweetened Greek yogurt has the benefit of providing multiple cultures and filling protein.

Should I take natural probiotics supplements?

Please consult your doctor before taking any new supplements including probiotics. You may want to add one in certain situations, such as when stomach problems or antibiotic medications destroy your gastrointestinal bacteria (good and bad).

If you decide to take probiotic supplements, here is how to make the most of probiotics:

Take it correctly. Follow storage guidelines: some require refrigeration.

Make it a daily habit. If you do not continue to take probiotics, the bacteria will leave your system. The goal is to take them at least five days a week.

Add dairy products. Good delivery of probiotics with food helps keep them alive through the stomach during the journey. Yogurt, milk and cheese especially neutralize gastric acid and bile acid, increasing the possibility of probiotics reaching the intestines.

Pursue quality rather than quantity

Persevere to the end. It takes four to five days for probiotic levels to accumulate in your system, so don't expect immediate results. If you take them because of GI problems, it may take up to three weeks to feel the difference.