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  • Vitamin C megadosage and its Adverse effects

    April 28, 2023

    Vitamin C megadose is the term used to describe intake or injection of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) far in excess of the current U.S. recommended dietary allowance of 90 mg per day, and often well in excess of the tolerable 2,000 mg per day intake limit. [1] There is no scientific evidence that high do Read More
  • How to Get More Vitamin C in Your Diet

    March 17, 2023

    This antioxidant is found in a variety of fruits and vegetables. The foods richest in vitamin C are citrus fruits, green peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, white potatoes, and sweet potatoes. Other good sources include dark leafy greens, cantaloupe, papaya, mango, watermelon, brussels sprout Read More
  • The Benefits of Vitamin C for Your Skin:

    March 03, 2023

    The Benefits of Vitamin C for Your Skin:May Help Protect Against Sun DamageThe antioxidants in vitamin C may help defend against the damage that UV light can cause. That doesn’t mean that you can use a vitamin C skin serum in place of sunscreen. It can’t replace SPF since it doesn’t absorb UVA or U Read More
  • 11 Reasons to Add Vitamin C Serum to Your Skin Care Routine

    March 02, 2023

    11 Reasons to Add Vitamin C Serum to Your Skin Care RoutineVitamin C serum has many health benefits for your skin, including promoting collagen production and protecting against sun damage. Some people may experience side effects.What’s a vitamin C serum?If you have your head in the skin care game, Read More
  • Multivitamins and their ingredients

    November 17, 2022

    Multivitamin A multivitamin is a preparation intended as a dietary supplement containing vitamins, dietary minerals, and other nutrients. Such preparations are available in the form of tablets, capsules, lozenges, powders, liquids or injectables. With the exception of injectables, which should only Read More
  • What conditions is vitamin C suitable for?

    October 28, 2022

    Vitamin C is one of the important vitamins to maintain human health. Because vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, it cannot be stored in the body. Therefore, everyone should supplement enough vitamin C every day. Read More
  • The dangers of excessive vitamin supplementation

    September 19, 2022

    Most nutrient supplements are still safe, but there are some nutrient supplements that are harmful in excess, such as beta carotene, vitamin E, and vitamin A. Read More
  • New technology of vitamin C fermentation and production

    August 17, 2022

    The industrial production technology of vitamin C​ has gone through three stages: concentration extraction method, chemical synthesis method and biological fermentation method. Read More
  • Guide: how to choose vitamin C?

    August 12, 2022

    VC is a water-soluble vitamin, and it is more likely to be lost when it is in an aqueous solution. For example, when washing vegetables, vitamin C will be lost with water from the incision, and scalding vegetables will cause VC to dissolve in water and cause losses. Read More
  • Can vitamin C whiten skin?

    July 13, 2022

    Therefore, inhibition of tyrosinase biosynthesis is the key to whitening. Vitamin C can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, block the production of melanin, has certain antioxidant properties, and can restore the formed melanin to colorless melanin precursor, thereby improving dull skin and achieving a whitening effect. Read More
  • Vitamin C controlled release tablet's benefits

    December 24, 2021

    Vitamin C is one of water-soluble Vitamin, it also called ascorbic acid or Vitamin C. It is found in many fruits and vegetables, such as oranges, strawberries, kiwis, sweet peppers, broccoli, kale and spinach. Read More